Data Recovery Services for Failed RAID Array

The majority of small, medium and large sized businesses the world over, have moved to Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) configured systems for the purpose of performance improvement and data redundancy. However, moving to RAID configured systems does not always fulfil the purpose because of failure in RAID levels. This gives rise to recovering hard disk data from the failed RAID configured systems, or RAID Recovery.

RAID & RAID Data Loss

RAID is a data storage virtualization technology where in several independent and low-capacity hard disks are combined to form a single high-capacity logical storage. The main idea behind the technology is data redundancy and performance improvement, or both. The two are achieved by increasing the data storage capacity and availability of hard disks in the arrayed storage system. Data is stored on the disks in several ways depending on the requisite level of data redundancy and performance, and are known as RAID levels. Each level provides a different balance among the key objectives of RAID, which are: capacity, performance, reliability and availability in case any hard drive in the array fails.

RAID data loss occurs due to RAID failure. Although all RAID levels provide a highly secured environment by protecting data against loss, there are instances of RAID failure leading to data loss. The failure of different RAID levels can occur due to several reasons which are as follows:

  • Malfunction of its components - such as hard drives and controller cards, 'operating' and 'application' corruption, etc.
  • Mishandling of RAID Systems - Mishandling, accidentally or deliberately, with ill intent, is one of the major causes of RAID data loss. Mishandling involves reformatting, improper reinstalling, volume overwrite, etc.
  • Electrical Power Issues - Electrical power issues such as power outage, power cycling, and power surges causes loss of data in RAID systems. RAID systems that run in a tainted state are more vulnerable to these electrical power issues. Specialized tools and techniques are needed to map the data and logically rebuild RAID in order to extract information.
  • Mechanical Issues and Failed Rebuilds - Mechanical issues and failed rebuilds is also a common cause. Although RAID systems are formed to with stand drive failure, they get damaged which leads to RAID data loss, if running in a degraded state. This is because, in such a situation, the load of the remaining hard disks increases considerably. Hence, failure in the additional hard drives is the cause of failed RAID, which results in data loss. Recovering data from physically or mechanically failed drives of RAID systems involves use of advanced software and professionals with logical skills.
  • Natural Disasters - Water, fire, dirt and other pollutants from natural disasters physically destroys RAID systems instantly, resulting in data inaccessibility. Rebuilding the file systems and recovering data from failed RAID systems affected by natural disaster requires specialized recovery tools and techniques. It is only with those that the hard disks can be decontaminated and data be extracted.

Recovery of Failed RAID Systems: Stellar RAID Data Recovery

The configured RAID levels may or may not be the same in different businesses. But, each RAID data recovery is completely different from the other, and requires unique approach to recover complete data. Only Professionals with specialized expertise and rich experience can identify the cause of failure in a RAID system and recover lost or inaccessible data.

Recovery of RAID data is a complicated task as the data configurations in them often have different layouts. Without an in-depth knowhow of the RAID levels configured at hardware, software, and firmware levels, recovery of RAID can fail. However, Stellar RAID Data Recovery service from us helps recover data effectively from inaccessible RAID systems. We can recover data from all types of RAID systems:

  • RAID 0, RAID 5, and RAID 6 levels
  • Controller
  • Architecture including software-defined storage (SDS), and
  • Any hard drive type, make, or model.

Our solutions are backed by over 2 decades of data recovery, research and development. We possess the knowledge and expertise to recover all data from damaged RAIDs. We guarantee 100% RAID Data Recovery service with a success rate of 95%.

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