How to fix ‘Video not playing’ issue – [Q and A]


Q. “I was able to recover my videos from a USB flash drive using the recovery software but now some of my videos are not playing and the error – “Windows Media Player encountered a problem while playing the file” appears when I try to open them. Please help.”

A. Although you have successfully recovered lost or deleted videos using data recovery software but now your videos are not playing flawlessly probably due to the damage done during the recovery process. You have two choices, either try a manual hack such as opening in another media player, or else if not successful opt for a professional video repair tool.

Since, video not playing after recovery is a common problem discussed in most of the forums, here we bring you solutions to various video corruption issues. But before that let us know what are the possible causes of a damaged video after recovery.

Why are your videos not playing after recovery?

Generally, incomplete data recovery due to loss of internet connection or sudden power outage during the recovery process can lead to video corruption. There is also a possibility that your video was already corrupt in the media storage before recovery. Usually, data recovery tools do not repair videos. They recover lost or deleted videos in the same form as they are present in the storage media.
Last but not the least, if you have not used a trusted and 100% safe data recovery software, it can harm all your recovery files including videos. You can then try retrieving your videos using a different but secure application, such Stellar Photo Recovery to avoid any video corruption, this time. Video corruption can damage header, sound, or frames of video files due to which your videos do not play properly after recovery.

Solutions to ‘video not playing’ problems


Q 1: Video files in storage media with.MOV extension do not open in either Windows Media player or QuickTime player.

Answer: If the file size looks correct, your video is still intact. Try to repair your MOV video files using VLC. VLC media player is capable of repairing corrupt MOV/MP4 videos. If your VLC player asks to repair corrupt video, click ‘Yes’ and follow below steps:

  1. Go to Media
  2. Select Convert/Save
  3. Click Addand select the video to be repaired
  4. Click Convert/Save
  5. Under Settings in Convert window select the preferred codec
  6. Click Edit Selected Profile to edit a specified profile
  7. Click Start

Q 2: The recovered videos are shaky

Answer: Try the below manual methods to repair your video:

  • Check if your system is well-founded to play videos, for instance, higher resolution videos require stronger processor and graphics card
  • Check if your driver is not old; else reinstall the latest video and sound drivers
  • Try playing your videos on another media player
  • Decrease the video size and resolution

Q 3: Videos either stop playing in between or turns into a black screen

Answer: Switch to another media player. Probably, you have saved your recovered files to a new system, which is not compatible or supports the video file format.
Install codec pack on your system. Another solution to video not playing due to compatibility issue is to install the codec pack on your computer. They contain codec for different types of video formats making your system compatible to all file formats, whether Winamp, VLC, Windows Media Player, or any other program.

Q 4: The sound of video drops after playing for sometime

Answer: There is no manual way to resolve sound issues in your recovered video. You can use a video repair tool specially designed to repair various video corruptions like damage in the sound section of video files.

Q 5: Videos are severely corrupt and cannot play at all.

Answer: There are no manual methods available for severely corrupt or damaged videos. Only a trusted third-party tool such as Stellar Repair for Video can do justice to this problem by safely repairing your damaged videos.

How can a video repair tool help in playing your videos smoothly?

A video repair tool, which is secure and safe such as Stellar Repair for Video can repair all types of damaged and corrupt videos recovered from any data recovery software. In case your video file is severely corrupt, the software can repair that too.


Manual hacks are not available to most of the corrupt or damaged video problems. The Stellar video repair is an amazing tool to repair videos not playing. It can repair a lot of video file issues like changes in file format, file header corruption, errors in movement of videos, sound section corruption, or video slider movement errors etc.

Download the free Demo version of Stellar Repair for Video to evaluate the performance of the software. The demo version itself gives you the preview of first 10% of video from your file.

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