Marcrom restores its new server with stellar’s ost to pst converter


Based in Barcelona, Spain, MARCROM is a name to reckon with in the field of Licensing, Promotions, and Retail, spanning over 16+ years.


To successfully extract OST file items into Outlook PST

  • Ran Imperial and Yodot software, but without success
  • Employed Stellar Converter for OST
  • Extracted all the mailbox items seamlessly
  • Created a backup of the Exchange Server mailboxes to PST format before migration

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Located in Barcelona, Spain, MARCROM is an established name in the field of Licensing, Promotions and Retail, with over 16+ years to its credit. It also has its branches in Portugal and Latin America. It represents a string of fashion labels, sports and entertainment, design and lifestyle, as well as celebrities.

Apart from this, it also delves into the field of Consulting by advising Companies as well as Professionals with matters related to licensing.


A little while ago, Mr. Ivan Marco at MARCROM faced a challenge when he decided to move the domain and all the emails from the current server to an altogether new server.

He created a replica of the mails to mount them on new Exchange Server and make the data items easily accessible. But as the mail was in the OST format, the file could not be opened on the new server. Initially, he tried two other programs called Imperial and Yodot to convert OST mailboxes data in PST, so that he can access the converted file on the new server. Even though he used the licensed versions of both, yet they did not serve the purpose.

"I had to move the domain and the exchange mail of the company to a new server. I made a copy of the mail but it was in .ost format. When I tried to open the file in the new server I couldn't. I tried two other programs (Software Imperial and Yodot but they did not work) I tried this software several times, paying for the original software, but they did not work"

As a leading name in Licensing, Promotions, and Retail, MARCROM would never compromise on providing its Clients with the best service and innovative solutions. Therefore, the IT team of Marcrom started looking for alternate solutions so as to successfully migrate the domain and the Exchange Server mails to an altogether new server.

Ivan was aware that the OST files had to be successfully converted to PST format; only then, the stored mailboxes data could be accessible on the newly configured server. However, the PST file had to be imported in Outlook email client.


Ivan chose Stellar Converter for OST as his computer knowledge and skills were limited to employ manual methods. He needed a simple program to migrate the emails in the Exchange OST file to a brand new server for making the data items accessible.

"My computer skills are very limited so I needed an easy program to use"

Ivan tried the demo version and observed that all the mailbox data stored in the OST file could be easily exported into PST file. This encouraged him to get the licensed version of the software. And, on the very first try, he was able to convert all the stored mailbox item in OST to PST format.

"I used the trial version of your program Stellar and I could recognize some of the files of my old mail so I bought the original software and at the first try I got it. I had all my old mail again!!"

When Ivan ran the licensed version of the software, he was thrilled to see the following results:

  • All the OST file items including emails, tasks, contacts, calendars were successfully extracted into PST without causing any damage to the original data items.
  • The resultant PST file was accessible on the company's new server.

Ivan reflected that it was challenging for him to choose a company that offered a good software for achieving the exact results. Though he purchased other software only to receive a setback, yet with Stellar Converter for OST, which was his third attempt, there was no looking further – it fulfilled all his business requirements!

"It is difficult to choose which company offers the "good" program. In this case I had to buy a software three times but I finally solved the issue. I sent an email to the other two companies asking to give me my money back since their programs did not work, and I also confirmed them that Stellar Data Recovery software is well ahead of their products"

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