Global Food Supplier Uses Stellar Repair for MS SQL to Repair & Restore Corrupt Data from MS SQL Database

OSI Group is a premier global food supplier based in Aurora- Illinois, serving custom value-added food solutions to some of the world's leading companies.

OSI group had been using SQL Server database for managing product data, storing information about food processing units, and accessing reports.

More than 1000 users in the organization who had been using this SQL database reported that they received a table data corrupted message. The error was reported mostly by the users based in the company's North America plants. They received the message while fetching records through SharePoint web app connected to the SQL Server; the problem had surfaced without any error or warning signs.

The system administrator diagnosed corruption in SQL Server primary database file (MDF) responsible for the problem. The initial investigation revealed that the corruption had occurred when a user tried to read data from the table. Apparently, the MDF file had turned corrupt due to an abrupt system shutdown when updating SQL table.

Root Cause Analysis

The administrator checked the Windows event log to find 'reading table data from MDF file failed' with reason 823. Error code 823 indicates inconsistencies in the file system or damage in the database file.


Recovery Attempts

The system administrator executed the DBCC CHECKDB command to find database consistency errors. When CHECKDB found consistency errors, the administrator tried restoring the database from backup. Though the backup was available it was not updated. Restoring the database from this outdated backup could mean losing around a month's data, which could not be afforded considering the importance of recently added information into the database.

Next, he attempted database repair by using SQL Server native tool – SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) to resolve the problem. Within SSMS, he used DBCC CHECKDB Command with REPAIR_ALLOW_DATA_LOSS option to perform the repair operation. But the repair process got stuck at 99% for a long time. Since the database was huge and there was no way to identify the time the repair process would take to complete, the administrator had no option left but to reboot the SQL Server.

As last resort, the administrator opened a ticket with Microsoft. Considering that users had problem fetching table data from the SharePoint web app, he had hoped to resolve the issue with the help of Microsoft support. However, the Microsoft technical support couldn't provide a definite solution to this issue, indicating that the problem was likely related to the SQL Server database.

With no more solution in sight to resolve the problem, the company had been struggling with major downtime for days. It was apprehensive of losing several gigabytes of crucial business information.

Business Need

Following were the key business needs:

  • Repair corrupt MS SQL database file and recover the corrupt table data
  • Restore the database to its original state without any loss in database integrity 
  • Restore access to database with minimal manual efforts and time; the client had already invested hundreds of man-hours in fixing the problem.


The system administrator thought of trying 3rd party database repair software. After evaluating some software, he decided to opt for Stellar Repair for MS SQL – a software that specialized in repairing corrupt database files (MDF) and recovering the data.

The administrator downloaded a free trial of the software to ascertain its effectiveness. The trial software could scan the database, and it displayed the complete data of the corrupt user table through the Preview feature.

After validating the data and that the software could be a potential solution to the problem, the administrator contacted Stellar's customer support team to get help on the next steps.

He purchased the license key and then activated the software to save the restored database on the local disk. The entire SQL database repair and recovery process took only a few hours to complete, without the need for any technical support. The company's SQL database was up and running with all its data restored within 24 hours.

Key Benefits

The client was happy with the results. The corrupt MDF file was successfully repaired and database had been restored to its original state with spending minimal efforts and cost.

SQL Database Recovery Tool
Stellar Repair for MS SQL is recommended by MVPs and SQL database admins worldwide to restore SQL database with minimal downtime. It repairs corrupt SQL database (MDF and NDF) files and restores all the objects. It supports SQL 2019, 2017, 2016, and lower versions.

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This is a very handy and easy to use software that I would recommend to anyone.


OSI Group, Aurora, Illinois

Business Need

Repair and recover corrupt MS SQL database file table data and restore the database


Stellar Repair for MS SQL


- SQL Database was repaired and restored in less than 24 hours with minimal efforts

- Database was restored with 100% integrity

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