Yuba City, Childers Computer and Network Consulting Uses Stellar Repair for MS SQL to Retain Data from Corrupt MS SQL Database

Childers Computer and Network Consulting (CCNC) firm is a full-service company based in Yuba City, California, providing on-site and remote service to small businesses and residential clients.

CCNC used a proprietary front-end application connected to a backend Microsoft SQL Server database to obtain the information it needs to manage its clients and project status.

The CCNC team recently came across an error in the front-end application; it could not connect to the backend database. The error occurred while establishing a connection to the SQL Server backend. They encountered the issue after a recent server crash.

CCNC IT team diagnosed that the database went offline due to corruption in the SQL Server database file following the server crash.

Root Cause Analysis

The team checked the SQL ERRORLOG to find a network-related or instance-specific error while connecting the CCNC application to SQL Server with error code 53.

indicates the connection to SQL Server could not be opened.

SQL Database Recovery Attempts

The IT team ensured that they entered the correct server name while establishing a database connection. They even enabled TCP/IP and Named Pipes protocols and performed several other checks to resolve the problem.

However, the issue persisted, and SQL Server failed to start, so the team tried restoring the backup database. Though the backup was available, it was not up to date. Restoring the database from the obsolete backup would mean losing recently added information into the database. Further, the team could not use the DBCC CHECKDB command on the database, as the Server instance failed to start.

Next, they attempted rebuilding another server on a new system and then tried attaching the database files from the previous installation to the SQL Server instance. However, the database files failed to attach to the new server indicating that corruption had spread to the header pages.

As a last resort, the CCNC IT team tried a 3rd party SQL database recovery software, but the tool could not recover the severely corrupted SQL header file.

Due to the database corruption, the company had been facing downtime for days, resulting in loss of productivity. It was also apprehensive about losing several gigabytes of crucial client and project data.

Business Need

Following were the critical business needs:

  • Repair severely corrupt MS SQL database and recover the contents
  • Repair the database files with precision and integrity
  • Restore the database to its original state


The company reconsidered using another 3rd party SQL database repair software after the initial failed attempt with the earlier software. After researching information on the leading database recovery solutions, the CCNC IT team came across Stellar Repair for MS SQL – a software specializing in repairing corrupted .MDF and .NDF database files. The software is designed to repair large multiple database files without losing data.

CCNC team used the software Trial version to scan and repair the corrupted SQL database file. It was able to verify the repaired database objects using a Preview feature in the software. This feature was pivotal in helping the company to ascertain the software utility and decide the further course. Next, CCNC purchased the software activation key and saved the recovered database file. Stellar Repair for MS SQL helped CCNC restore the SQL database online with minimal time, effort and cost.

Key Benefits

The software repaired the corrupted MS SQL database file and restored it with 100% precision and original integrity. It restored all the database objects to a consistent state with their original hierarchy. Using the software, CCNC was able to reinstate business continuity in the least possible time.

SQL Database Recovery Tool
Stellar Repair for MS SQL is recommended by MVPs and SQL database admins worldwide to restore SQL database with minimal downtime. It repairs corrupt SQL database (MDF and NDF) files and restores all the objects. It supports SQL 2019, 2017, 2016, and lower versions.

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This is a very handy and easy to use software that I would recommend to anyone.


Childers Computer and Network Consulting, Yuba City, California

Business Need

Repair corrupt MS SQL database file and restore the database with complete data


Stellar Repair for MS SQL


- SQL Database was reinstated with minimal efforts and time

- Database was restored with 100% integrity


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