July 11, 2024

BitRaser Drive Eraser Revolutionizes Onsite, Offsite, and Remote Data Wiping Operations

[Houston, TX, July 11, 2024] — Stellar, a global leader in data erasure and recovery solutions, announces the launch of BitRaser Drive Eraser v3.0.0.7. This latest version introduces advanced features designed to elevate data security, enhance operational efficiency, and support ESG goals during IT asset management.

BitRaser Drive Eraser v3.0.0.7 introduces significant enhancements, transforming remote data erasure with MSI package deployment locally or through SCCM, effectively reducing data breach risks throughout the chain of custody. Simplified data wiping on newer Mac models with M3, M2, and M1 chips saves valuable time, while comprehensive support for SAS-SSD, SED (Self-Encrypted Drives), and BitLocker Encrypted Drives meets diverse business needs. Integration with popular ERPs like RazorERP & Makor ERP helps ITAD streamline operations, optimizing their resources and giving them a competitive advantage.

“We are proud to launch BitRaser Drive Eraser v3.0.0.7, a powerful solution for secure data erasure in today's diverse and remote IT environments. This version enhances capabilities for erasing sensitive information, ensuring compliance with global data protection laws, and optimizing operational efficiency for ITADs, government entities, and enterprises. Additionally, BitRaser supports sustainability and ESG goals by enabling secure, eco-friendly data disposal across a wide variety of devices used in remote locations,” said Sunil Chandna, CEO of Stellar.

New customization features such as 'Auto Erase' and 'Auto Shutdown' maximize efficiency and resource conservation during data erasure. The upgraded BitRaser Cloud Console empowers IT administrators with enhanced control over user management and report extraction capabilities via the BitRaser API, facilitating flexible and compliant data management practices.

With these innovations, BitRaser Drive Eraser sets a new benchmark for secure data erasure software, delivering unmatched protection and regulatory compliance for organizations worldwide.

For more information about BitRaser Drive Eraser, please visit https://www.bitraser.com/bitraser-drive-eraser.php

About BitRaser:

BitRaser is a data erasure software from Stellar, a globally recognized data care expert since 1993, offering secure data erasure across devices. Compatible with SSD, HDD, PC, Laptop, Mac, Chromebook, Server, as well as Mobile devices, BitRaser adheres to international erasure guidelines like NIST 800-88. The software generates tamper-proof reports and certificates that are available through the cloud portal. These reports act as verifiable audit trail, facilitating compliance with global data privacy laws such as GDPR, CCPA, GLBA, SOX, HIPAA, and PCI DSS.

Stellar, the innovator of BitRaser is renowned for its comprehensive solutions in data recovery, data erasure, mailbox conversion, and file repair. With over 30 years of experience, Stellar has earned the trust of over 3 million customers and Fortune 500 companies worldwide, solidifying its leadership in the data care industry.

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