June 29, 2021

NIST Successfully Tests BitRaser® Drive Eraser for Securely Wiping Hard Drives & SSDs

BitRaser® test results based on NIST-led Computer Forensics Tool Testing (CFTT) Suite reaffirms software’s capability in drive wiping.

METUCHEN, NJ, Jun 29, 2021: The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) recently tested the media-wiping efficacy of BitRaser Drive Eraser software. The test was conducted on a hard drive and a SSD using the CFTT Test Suite, a proprietary tool jointly developed by NIST and the Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate (DHS S&T). The data wiping test results attained by BitRaser Drive Eraser re-establish the software as a reliable tool for erasing drives in line with the NIST 800-88 Standard.

The CFTT Test Suite found that BitRaser performed “Secure Overwriting” on all the sectors, including the hidden areas of the drives - Host Protected Area (HPA) and Device Configuration Overlay (DCO). The test results confirmed that data was securely overwritten & erased ‘As Expected’ by BitRaser Drive Eraser using NIST 800-88 Purge Secure Erase Standard. The data was securely erased on both drives without any scope for recovery.

The test report is available on the DHS & NIST website and can also be downloaded from Bitraser Certifications.

“Over the past several decades, we have invested in substantial resources to enrich our data erasure tools with a robust technology that helps the users erase their storage media with total assurance. The successful lab testing of BitRaser® Drive Eraser by NIST is a forward leap in cementing the trust of our customers in order to help them meet their privacy and compliance goals”, says Sunil Chandna, CEO at Stellar.

Apropos the growing data breach incidents and enactment of international data protection laws, BitRaser drive erasure software approval by NIST is well timed. Organizations, now more than ever, realize a heightened need for “forensically-tested” data destruction software to attain an innately safe and compliant IT asset disposition policy.

About BitRaser
BitRaser is a robust tool for erasing SSD, HDD, laptop, desktop, server & mobile devices as per international standards. The software generates tamper-proof certificates & reports of erasure that are cloud-accessible & serve as an immutable audit trail for meeting compliance such as GDPR, CCPA, GLB, SOX, HIPAA, ISO27001, and PCI-DSS. BitRaser is an innovation by Stellar, global data care experts since 1993. Stellar is best known for data recovery, data erasure, mailbox conversion, and file repair software & services.

About the Department of Homeland Security S&T & CFTT
The Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate (DHS S&T) is the primary research and development arm of the DHS for enabling effective, efficient, and secure operations across all homeland security missions. Through the Cyber Forensics project, DHS S&T collaborates with the NIST CFTT project to provide forensic tool testing reports to the public with the objective of providing quantifiable assurance to practitioners, researchers, and other users that the tools used in computer forensics investigations provide accurate results.

PR Contact
Namrata Sengupta
Voice: +1-844-775-0101 
Web: www.bitraser.com




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