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Insta Backup Gold
  • Performs backup of files, folders, mails, volumes, internal/external hard drive
  • Allows restoration of specific files/folder or entire backup image.
  • Adds a 'Stellar Secure Zone' to your hard drive for keeping backup files safe from virus attack

A complete backup software that helps in taking Incremental, Differential or Full data backup. The software creates a backup image that can be restored to a desired destination in your system. Moreover, this backup software allows saving backups as encrypted or compressed file. Bullet Read More...

File Wipe - Windows
  • Selectively erases files, application/system traces, emails, slack spaces etc.
  • Allows wiping a group of selected files in a single go
  • Allows you to perform the wiping operation at a particular instance of time

A reliable file eraser software that helps wiping selected files from your hard drive, diminishing any chance of recovery. The utility completely erases confidential as yet unwanted data from the system, including system traces, chat messenger data, Internet activities, data from P2P application etc. Bullet Read More...

File Wipe - Mac
  • Permanently wipes system logs, temporary Internet files, form values, page history etc.
  • Wipes selected files, folders or entire Mac hard drive
  • Scheduling of Wipe task.

Advanced eraser software designed for Mac OS X 10.4 and later versions. The software wipes every kind of data including Internet browsing data, system traces, unused space etc. The Mac file eraser software erases data from various web browsers, such as IE, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera OmniWeb, iCab etc. Bullet Read More...

Disk Wipe - Windows
  • Wipes one or multiple number of hard disks (Maximum 4 drives) at a time
  • Successfully wipes even the locked system files
  • The wiped data cannot be recovered using any data recovery software

A powerful disk eraser software that entire hard disk in just one go. The data removal software does this by overwriting the sectors with various combinations of binary digits. The software provides many standard wiping algorithms, some of which have as much as 35 passes. Bullet Read More...

Registry Cleaner
  • Cleans Windows registry, Internet Activities, and Junks
  • Option to automate the registry cleaning process
  • Update Wizard to auto update the software upgrade

A remarkable Windows registry manager that optimizes system memory (RAM) and speeds-up system performance by deleting invalid registry, Internet activities, unused spaces etc. The software automatically takes a backup of the registry so that you can restore to a previously stable state, if any problem is faced.Bullet Read More...

Stellar SMART
  • Designed with SMART or 'Self Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology
  • Able to locate and display the bad sectors on hard disk
  • Stellar Smart provides option to clone the hard drive

Hard Drive Monitoring Tool that continuously runs in the background and provide the real-time fitness level of the systems hard drive. This immensely useful utility acts like an 'Early Warning System' and saves you from losing valuable data by warning you against any impending hard drive failure. Bullet Read More...

Active Directory Repair
  • Efficiently repairs Active Directory (ntds.dit) file
  • Restores all Active Directory objects preserving their properties
  • Shows preview of 'ntds.dit' file after scanning

Stellar Phoenix Active Directory Repair is a must-have software for resolving all your Active Directory problems and resuming all the directory-dependent services in no time. The software repairs your corrupt Active Directory database and restores all objects to a new database on another server having the same domain name.Bullet Read More...