10 Best iPhone Data Eraser Software - 2024

Your iPhone is a warehouse of personal information such as messages, photos, videos, chat history, passwords, bank login details, and much more. It's important to erase this data before selling, exchanging, recycling, or donating your iOS device. But merely deleting all data from an old iPhone is not sufficient. Your data is still recoverable by various means.

An iPhone erasure software is the best solution to prevent your data from being leaked, accessed by strangers, or falling into the wrong hands.

You need to download the iOS data eraser tool on your Windows or Mac computer. Connect the iOS device to your PC or Mac and follow the onscreen instructions to remove everything from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod permanently.

Let's explore the 10 best iOS Data Erasure Software that you can use to permanently remove any type of data from an old iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

What should you look for in iPhone data erasure software?

Following are the key considerations while choosing an iPhone erasure software. The software should:

  • Wipe off iOS data beyond the scope of recovery
  • Permanently wipe previously deleted data
  • Erase all types of iPhone data, including private information, third-party apps data, etc.
  • Include support for your device and iOS version
  • Be 100% secure

Best iOS Data Erasure Software

1. Stellar iPhone Eraser

Device support: iPhone and iPad

iOS support: 6.0 to 17.x.

OS support: Windows 11 and macOS Sonoma 14, Ventura 13, and below versions,

Stellar iPhone Eraser erases every bit of data on iPhone and iPad, ensuring data security. It permanently resets your iPhone by erasing all your settings, passcodes, passwords, log-in details, call history, notes, messages, photos, videos, chats, reminders, browsing history, Safari Bookmarks, and other data.

The eraser software permanently removes already deleted data, beyond the scope of recovery. You can erase third-party app data as well, such as data and cache of Facebook, WhatsApp, Spotify, Netflix, Instagram, Amazon, etc., from your iOS device.

Stellar iPhone Data Eraser is fast and works with the latest iPhones including the series of iPhone 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, XS MAX, XS, XR, X, 8, and below. It supports the latest iOS 17 and below versions.

Stellar iPhone Erasure lets you completely wipe data from 5 unique iOS devices. The upgraded version can erase complete data from 50 devices.

Download for Windows

Key points:

  • Permanently erases iPhone data to 0% recovery
  • Erases previously deleted data beyond recovery
  • Wipes third-party apps and data on your iPhone, iPad
  • Hassle-free, one-click iPhone data eraser
  • Fast and easy-to-use
  • Select and erase the option absent

2. iMyFone Umate Pro Data Eraser

iMyFone Umate Pro Data Eraser

Devices supported: iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

iOS support: iOS 7 to iOS 13

OS support: Windows and macOS

iMyFone Umate Pro forever deletes your old iPhone's photos, videos, messages, calendar, contacts, call history, browsing history, third-party apps, etc. It can permanently delete WhatsApp, WeChat, LINE, Kik, and Viber chat history and attachments.

You can use iMyFone Umate Pro to clean the cache, junk, and temp files on your iOS device to free some space. The software has a provision to preview, select, and erase only the desired data.

There are 5 data erasure modes - Erase All Data, Erase Private Data, Erase Deleted Files, Erase Fragments, and 1-Click Free Up Space.

The Low, Medium, and High data erasure levels let you choose the deletion method per your need. For instance 'High' level is recommended for deleting sensitive and personal data such as bank account information while the 'Low' level is apt to erase general data, which does not pose any threat to data privacy.

The eraser software works with iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, and other variants.

Key Points:

  • Multiple data erasure modes
  • Data preview present
  • Select and erase what you want
  • Erase previously deleted files
  • Clean junk and temp files

3. PanFone iOS Eraser Pro

PanFone iOS Eraser Pro

Device support: iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

iOS support: iOS 7 to iOS 13

OS support: Windows and macOS

With PanFone iOS Eraser, you can permanently erase 29 types of iOS data, including messages, contacts, call history, photos, videos, notes, bookmarks, reminders, calendars, etc. You can also use it to clean only junk and temp files of 'High' on your iOS device to free up some space for smooth functioning.

The 'Erase All Data' feature in PanFone iOS Eraser provides three data security levels - Low, Medium, and High.

The 'Low' level is quick and simply deletes files. The 'Medium' level permanently erases data while the 'High' level option cleans with no chances of data recovery. This level is recommended for private data such as bank records, passwords, etc., on your device.

PanPhone is easy-to-use. It supports iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, iPhone X, iPhone 8 and below.

The software doesn't have a Mac version.

Key points:

  • Multiple data cleanup modes
  • Data preview present
  • Select and erase what you want
  • Erases previously deleted files

4. dr.fone - Data Eraser

dr.fone - Data Eraser

Device support: iPhone and iPad

iOS support: iOS 12 and below

OS support: Windows and macOS

You can permanently delete iOS device data using the Data Eraser feature in dr.fone Toolkit. It can erase data from all phones, including iPhones.

The software wipes off Contacts, Messages, Calendars, Reminders, Notes, Voice Memos, Photos, Call history, songs, and Safari Bookmarks from iPhones and iPad.

The software gives options to erase all data, only private data, or just remove junk files. The deleted data is unrecoverable, thus protecting it from any kind of data leak or security breach. You can preview and select the required files to erase them permanently.

Key points:

  • Multiple data eraser options
  • Allows to remove cache and junk files only
  • Erases previously deleted files
  • Data preview

5. PhoneClean


Device support: iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

iOS support: Up to iOS 13

OS support: Windows and macOS

PhoneClean removes all photos, videos, music, call history, messages, emails, browsing history, notes, voicemails, and other data from iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. It provides different modes to clean various types of data, as below -

  • 'Silent Clean' remotely cleans junk files in apps, photos, downloading, and artwork
  • 'Quick Clean' cleans junk files in apps, photos, videos, and storage
  • 'Internet Clean' cleans junk files in Safari and Webmail
  • 'Privacy Clean' cleans call history, contact, note, message, and voicemail
  • 'System Clean' cleans iOS notifications, app leftovers, and active apps running in the background
  • 'Erase Clean' permanently deletes all the data in one click.

Note: The software automatically backs up iOS content before cleaning junk files with Privacy/Internet/System Clean. You can restore this data from the backup anytime.

With several options, the software user interface is not easy to understand at a glance.

Key points:

  • Erases previously deleted files
  • Provides the option to delete only cache, cookies, and temp files
  • GUI is not easy to navigate

6. iShredder iOS4

iShredder iOS4

Device support: iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

iOS support: Up to iOS 13

OS support: Windows and macOS

iShredder iOS eraser wipes iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch data beyond recovery. It removes videos, photos, contacts, messages, passwords, calendars, notes, browsing history, system cache, logs, and other data from the iOS device. You can preview the iPhone files before deletion. The software provides up to 18 deletion methods that are certified by government and military organizations globally.

After erasing your iPhone data, iShredder generates an erasure report, which can be used in audits as proof of iOS device data erasure.

The software has Professional, Military, and Enterprise versions.

Key Points:

  • Multiple certified deletion methods
  • Data preview present
  • Securely eases free space
  • Generates iOS data cleaning report

7. Coolmuster iOS Cleaner

Coolmuster iOS Cleaner

Device support: iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

iOS support: Up to iOS 13

OS support: Windows and macOS

Coolmuster iOS Eraser wipes all text messages, contacts, call logs, reminders, calendars, app data, photos, videos, music, bookmarks, browsing history, and more. It permanently removes sensitive and private information from your iPhone, such as bank details, passwords, passcodes, etc. The software overwrites iOS data to permanently erase previously deleted files, making them unrecoverable by any means. Plus, the 'Space Saver' feature allows you to clear junk files to speed up the iOS device.

Like many other iPhone erasers, Coolmuster has 3 data erasing levels - Low, Medium, and High.

The 'Low' level is a quick way to delete all data on your iPhone or iPad. 'Medium' data erasure permanently removes files by overwriting while 'High' level data erasure twice overwrites complete data that makes it unrecoverable by any software.

Coolmuster is compatible with the iPhone 12, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max, iPhone X, and below variants.

Key Points:

  • Erases deleted data
  • Multiple data-erasing levels
  • User-friendly GUI
  • No data preview
  • Doesn't erase third-party apps on iPhone

8. iCareFone Cleaner

iCareFone Cleaner

Device support: iPhone, iPad, and iPod

iOS support: iOS 13.5, 13, and 12.4

OS support: Windows and macOS

iCareFone Cleaner by Tenorshare is an iOS eraser software that completely wipes old iPhone data without restoring it at a high-security level.

Its Full Data Eraser utility efficiently deletes sensitive and personal information along with messages, contacts, call history, videos, photos, audio recordings, bank accounts, passwords, etc. The software deletes all the deleted files as well in your iPhone, making them unrecoverable by any tool.

However, you cannot preview, select and then delete the desired data using iCareFone Cleaner.

Additionally, iCareFone Cleaner has the option to clean the iPhone or iPad by eliminating all the junk files, error logs, corrupted downloads, cookies, and cache files.

The 'Ads Remove' selection in the software helps to get rid of all the ads generated by various applications on your iPhone.

The software works with iPhone SE, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro (Max), iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6, and iPhone 5s.

Key points:

  • Erases deleted data
  • Clears junk and temp files
  • User-friendly GUI
  • Data preview absent
  • Lacks selective data deletion

9. Apowersoft iPhone Data Cleaner

Apowersoft iPhone Data Cleaner

Device support: iPhone, iPad, and iPod

iOS support: all iOS versions

OS support: Windows

Apowersoft iPhone Data Cleaner erases calendars, emails, photos, videos, audio, contacts, call logs, reminders, passwords, etc.

It offers four different data-erasing modes that allow you to remove various types of data 

  • Express Cleanup (clears junk and cache files)
  • Erase private data (Permanently removes passwords, account details, text messages, contacts, photos, and videos)
  • Complete clean (Factory resets removing all settings and stored data)
  • Partial clean (Permanently erases only those files that are already deleted from the iPhone, iPad, or iPod)

Along with this, the iPhone data cleaner also has 3 erasing levels  Low, Medium, and High. The 'Low' option quickly deletes on your iOS device while the 'Medium' permanently deleted the files by overwriting. 'High' erasing level erases only the private data such as account passwords, financial records, and bank details on iPhone. The more significant the level, the more time it takes to delete iPhone data.

The multiple data erasing levels and modes make its GUI not so user-friendly.

The software supports iPhone 6/6 Plus/4/4s/5/5c. It cannot erase data from the latest iPhone variants like iPhone X, XS, XR, etc. Mac support is absent.

You can erase even jailbreak iPhone with Apowersoft iPhone Data Cleaner.

Key points:

  • Option to erase only cache, temp, and junk files
  • Erases jailbreak iPhone
  • GUI not user-friendly
  • Mac support absent
  • Erasing speed is slow

10. Vibosoft FoneClean for iOS

Vibosoft FoneClean for iOS

Device support: iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

iOS support: iOS 10, and below

OS support: Windows and macOS

Vibosoft FoneClean for iOS permanently deletes all data on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod without taking a backup. The easy-to-use software can permanently remove Messages, Call History, Facetime, Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, Notes, Voice Memos, Safari bookmarks, emails, passwords, photos, videos, settings, and other app data. You can Preview contacts, messages, and other files before choosing to erase them permanently. The software clears already deleted files as well.

The software is compatible with iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, 6 Plus, 5S, and below.

Key points:

  • Erases deleted data
  • Clears junk and temp files
  • Multiple data-erasing levels
  • Preview present
  • Slow erasing speed


I hope you found our picks — Best 10 iOS Data Erasure software helpful!

It is recommended to first use the trial version of iPhone data erasure software to evaluate its effectiveness.

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