Nishat Paiker

A passionate content creator with over 8 years’ of experience.
Experience & Education

Nishat Paiker loves to simplify technology for her readers. As a passionate content creator she explores new applications and has deep understanding of data recovery. Her love for photography made her deep dive into photos and videos recovery & repair problems and solutions.

Nishat has a Master’s degree in Mass Communication with specialization in Science & Tech reporting. She is a science graduate and a Hubspot certified professional. Since her student days she has been a regular contributor to local newspapers and college bulletins. She was also an active member of Communication Cell of her University.

Nishat Paiker has been part of the Stellar® Team for over 2 years. She has been writing articles, blogs, and featured stories, since she graduated from university. Nishat brings with her vast experience in developing quality content for web, mobile, and print space in diverse verticals — IT, Telecom, Health, Environment, Education, and Entertainment.

Her articles and poetries have found space in Times of India, Hindustan Times, the DQ Week, Dataquest, Global Services, etc. She has written children’s stories, edited chapters of management books and had an interesting stint with All India Radio (AIR) as an announcer and voice artist.

For Nishat life is more about creating balance between her passion and time for loved ones. During her spare time she helps people online with their data recovery & repair problems and manages to pour her heart out on her personal blog space.

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How to Recover Deleted CyberLink YouCam Videos

  Nishat Paiker   January 11, 2022   Data Recovery     Photo & Video Recovery

‘I mistakenly deleted a few videos from my CyberLink YouCam on Windows 10.  I’m wondering if there's a way to access them again? They were precious family video recordings on Zoom.’ YouCam is...

How to delete apps on iPhone permanently

  Nishat Paiker   January 04, 2022   Data Erasure     iPhone Eraser

Often we end up installing apps on iPhone that we rarely use later or don’t open at all. These apps unnecessary occupy significant storage on your iOS device. Hence, during the cleaning spree of the i...

Guide to Completely Erase Data on iPhone to Avoid Privacy Leak

  Nishat Paiker   December 29, 2021   Data Erasure     iPhone Eraser

With growing instances of data leak and misuse, there’s a fear of digital data on iPhone landing in wrong hands. Personal photos, messages, videos, contacts, or sensitive information such as bank deta...

How to Delete All Photos from iPhone

  Nishat Paiker   December 28, 2021   Data Erasure     iPhone Eraser

iOS devices are no exception when you have to delete files to manage storage space. As of now iPhone has a designated capacity between 16 GB to 512 GB while iPad sticks at 16 GB to 1TB storage....

How to Recover Data from Broken/Dead iPad

  Nishat Paiker   December 15, 2021   Data Recovery     iPhone Data Recovery

‘My daughter dropped my iPad mini and broke its screen. Its display works but touch is disabled. I desperately want somehow to get my data off the broken iPad. Please help!’ Things can go wrong any...

How to Fix or Repair iOS system issues

  Nishat Paiker   December 13, 2021   Data Recovery     iPhone Data Recovery

If your iPhone displays Black Screen of Death, frozen iPhone, White Screen of Death, iPhone stuck at Apple logo, errors, or other issues, there’s a high chance its iOS has corrupted. The iPhone softwa...

How to Recover Photos after Factory Reset on Laptop

  Nishat Paiker   December 09, 2021   Data Recovery     Photo & Video Recovery

‘Hi, I have lost very important pictures after a factory rest. I needed to create a family album as a gift to my sister on her wedding. I just really need these pictures. Please help.’ Sometimes you...

Top 10 iPad Data Recovery Software 2022 that you can Trust

  Nishat Paiker   December 03, 2021   Data Recovery     iPhone Data Recovery

Apple has sold whopping over 71 million iPad during the pandemic year 2020, as per the Business of App report. With this ever-growing user base, there’s also the increase in the complaints of data los...

How to fix ‘iPhone Photos Are Not Showing up on Mac’

  Nishat Paiker   November 23, 2021   File Repair     Repair Photo Files

Importing or syncing iPhone pictures to Mac is a convenient way to backup, edit, share, or archive photos. However, sometimes iPhone photos don’t show up or you find random photos are missing from Pho...

Solved: Photos Disappeared from iPhone Suddenly.

  Nishat Paiker   November 16, 2021   Data Recovery     iPhone Data Recovery

‘I noticed that over 500 old photos from iPhone 11 have disappeared and now only the recently shot pictures are showing! I lost almost all of my best memories saved in my phone. I am sure I did not de...

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