Nishat Paiker

A passionate content creator with over 8 years’ of experience.
Experience & Education

Nishat Paiker loves to simplify technology for her readers. As a passionate content creator she explores new applications and has deep understanding of data recovery. Her love for photography made her deep dive into photos and videos recovery & repair problems and solutions.

Nishat has a Master’s degree in Mass Communication with specialization in Science & Tech reporting. She is a science graduate and a Hubspot certified professional. Since her student days she has been a regular contributor to local newspapers and college bulletins. She was also an active member of Communication Cell of her University.

Nishat Paiker has been part of the Stellar® Team for over 2 years. She has been writing articles, blogs, and featured stories, since she graduated from university. Nishat brings with her vast experience in developing quality content for web, mobile, and print space in diverse verticals — IT, Telecom, Health, Environment, Education, and Entertainment.

Her articles and poetries have found space in Times of India, Hindustan Times, the DQ Week, Dataquest, Global Services, etc. She has written children’s stories, edited chapters of management books and had an interesting stint with All India Radio (AIR) as an announcer and voice artist.

For Nishat life is more about creating balance between her passion and time for loved ones. During her spare time she helps people online with their data recovery & repair problems and manages to pour her heart out on her personal blog space.

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How to Convert M4V to WAV audio file

  Nishat Paiker   February 22, 2021   File Conversion     Convert Video Files

If you're fond of your favorite movie's sound effects, music, or dialogues, which is an M4V file and want to use them for audio mixing, WAV is the preferred audio format. You can play WAV audio file,...

Troubleshoot Videos not Uploading to YouTube

  Nishat Paiker   February 17, 2021   File Repair     Repair Video Files

You have videos scheduled for release on YouTube. But for some reason, videos are not uploading to YouTube, as much you try. The video either keeps uploading forever or gets stuck in YouTube. Or you a...

How to Convert MKV to MOV

  Nishat Paiker   February 16, 2021   File Conversion     Convert Video Files

Matroska Video File or MKV is a multimedia container format that contains video, images, audio, and subtitles track. It is not supported by many devices and media players, and hence, you may need to c...

How to Convert M4V to MP3

  Nishat Paiker   February 11, 2021   File Conversion     Convert Video Files

You might often want to listen to the audio of your M4V music videos, movies, video tutorials, etc., on your iPod, Sony Walkman, or FiiO M3 Pro. In that case, you can try converting M4V files to MP3 f...

How to Recover Deleted Videos on Mac

  Nishat Paiker   January 28, 2021   Data Recovery     Photo & Video Recovery

When you delete any video on Mac, it is not permanently removed from your system. You can still find the deleted video files in Trash or Time Machine backup of your macOS. But there can be si...

How to convert 3GP to MP3 file

  Nishat Paiker   December 17, 2020   File Conversion     Convert Video Files

‘I have a video recording in 3GP format on my Android phone. I downloaded the video to my PC, but it is not playing. It's an important sound file. How can I convert 3GP to MP3 audio file?’ Ol...

How to Convert MKV to MP4 File

  Nishat Paiker   December 02, 2020   File Conversion     Convert Video Files

Usually, Matroska Video File or MKV videos are of a larger size compared to the MP4 file format. That’s the reason you cannot easily upload videos in MKV format on Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, or other...

How to Convert 3GP to AVI

  Nishat Paiker   October 21, 2020   File Conversion     Convert Video Files

Mostly old smartphones are known to record and play videos in 3GP format. But most of the latest devices, media players, and video editing software don’t support the format. You may need to convert...

Best Ways to Convert YouTube Videos to MP4 Format

  Nishat Paiker   October 20, 2020   File Conversion     Convert Video Files

YouTube videos are a global craze when it comes to music, how-to tutorials, fun, entertainment, etc. You just need a good internet connection to watch unlimited videos on YouTube anytime, anywhere.B...

DIY Video Repair Guide to Fix Corrupted Video Files

  Nishat Paiker   October 20, 2020   File Repair     Repair Video Files

Videos are indispensable part of our lives — from home, office, school to college projects, they are used everywhere. But the more videos you create, the more video-related issues may surface. Here,...

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