Troubleshoot 19 Canon DSLR Error Codes and Messages

'I've got Canon EOS 70D. Recently, while recording, 'Err 01 - can't communicate with the lens' message appeared. I tried turning it off / on and even cleaned the lens, but the error didn't go away. How do I fix this error?'

Error codes 01, 02, 10, 40, 70 and so on are common with Canon DSLR cameras. These appear when there is a problem in your camera's memory card, shutter, lens, or battery, etc. Most of the time, dust in the camera contacts lead to the error.

Whatsoever, these errors are annoying. They stop you from recording or taking any pictures with your camera.

Whether you own mirrorless EOS Rebel, Mark III, 80D, 7D or other DSLR, the Canon camera error can occur in any model.

How to fix error codes in Canon camera

Usually the Canon camera error code messages that appear on the LCD screen share the problem with its solution. These messages alert you about a probable glitch in your device. Thus, directing you to fix the problem first before using the DSLR.

Nonetheless, you have to be extra careful while fixing these codes. Applying DIY tricks can sometimes backfire and cause further damage to your precious Canon DSLR.

Addressing the problem, we have listed the most secure ways to troubleshoot about 19 types of Canon camera errors.

Troubleshoot 19 Canon DSLR Error Codes Canon Error 01

Canon Err 01 message

Figure 1: Canon Err 01 message

In order to take perfect shots, Canon DSLR camera and lens need to be in sync while setting aperture, focus, image stabilization, etc. This means all the contact points between the lens and the camera should be properly placed. If not, your Canon camera will throw Err 01 on the LCD screen. The error indicates that the camera cannot communicate with the lens because of dirt, stuck aperture, etc.

To fix Err 01 in Canon DSLR:

  • Check if the lens is properly placed on the camera.

  • Clean the contacts between the camera and lens using an air blower or a soft-bristled brush, and a microfiber cloth. Remove the dirt, dust, fingerprints, oil, and smudges, etc., from the lens. You can also use DSLR lens cleaning fluid to clean.


  • Don't directly use the microfiber cloth to clean the lens. First remove the dirt with air blower and brush.
  • Don't clean the contacts with wet cloth.
  • Don't use cotton balls or any liquid fabric softeners to clean the lenses.

Canon Err 02

Err 02 on Canon DSLR

Figure 2: Err 02 on Canon DSLR

The Err 02 code message indicates a problem with the camera SD card, in which the Canon DSLR is not able to access the memory card to save photos and videos. This can happen due to several reasons such as, camera card is not inserted properly, its memory is full, has turned corrupt, or damaged. If Err 02 appears just after shooting an image or video, it's likely that those photos or videos are not saved in the memory card.

To fix Err 02 in Canon DSLR:

  • Remove and reinsert the camera SD card.

  • Try to fix corrupt SD card by formatting it as described in the user manual of your Canon model. You can format in the camera itself or on your computer.

  • c. If formatting memory card doesn't fix the Canon camera error 02, get a new memory card. Always use a high speed SD card that is supported by your Canon DSLR model, preferably Class 10.

Caution: Never use your Canon DSLR memory card in multiple devices.

Tip: Recover photos and videos lost or deleted due to Error 02 in Canon DSLR by using SD Card recovery software. The software restores all Canon supported file formats including JPEG, RAW, CR2, CR3, MOV, and MP4, etc.


Canon Err 03

Error code 03 points towards less or no space on your camera memory card. Error 03 doesn't let the camera save any new photos or videos captured by you.

To fix Err 03 in Canon DSLR:

  • Make space on your camera memory card by transferring the files and folders to your computer.

  • Format the SD card to reuse it in your Canon camera.

  • Get a new SD card.

Caution: Don't delete files from the memory card in your camera, as it can reduce the lifespan of the card. Always delete them on your computer. 

Canon Err 04

You may receive Error 04 with message 'Unable to display back image' or Cannot save images because card is full. Replace card' on your Canon DSLR camera.

The error messages indicates that the digital camera cannot save your photos due to less or no space in the memory card.

To fix Err 04 in Canon DSLR:

  • Transfer the photo and video files from the camera memory card to computer.

  • Select multiple files and delete them in one go from the SD card on your computer.

  • Format the camera memory card.

  • Replace the SD card of your Canon DSLR with new one.

Caution: Don't use a low quality memory card as it can slow down your DSLR and even corrupt the files due to glitches in the read/write cycle. Preferably get the Canon recommended memory card mentioned in the user guide of your camera model.

Tip: If you have accidentally deleted any required photo or video from the camera memory card, download Stellar Photo Recovery software to restore the deleted Canon camera files from the memory card.


Canon camera flash error - Err 05

Sometimes while taking picture in less light, the camera flash won't pop-up. Instead, a clicking sound occurs and your camera gives the error message – 'Err 05. The built-in flash could not be raised. Turn the camera off and on again.' The flash not working problem is reported in many Canon DSLRs including Canon EOS 600D, 80D, Canon Rebel T5 and others.

The error means your camera flash is stuck due to dust and needs to be cleaned.

To fix flash error 'Err 05' in Canon camera:

  • Turn off and then turn on your DSLR after a few minutes.
  • If the flash error continues, contact an authorized Canon camera service center.

  • Don't unscrew the flash and try to clean it yourself.
  • Don't use pen or pencil erasers to clean the DSLR flash contacts as they can be abrasive.

Canon Err 06, Err CLEAn, Err CLn, and Err CCd

The Canon error message, 'Err 06 - Self Cleaning Sensor Unit Malfunction. Consult with Canon Service Center' or 'Err CLEAn / CLn / CCd, clearly points out the problem with the self-cleaning sensor unit on your Canon camera. These errors are reported in Canon EOS 40D, M50, Canon 7D Mark II and others.

To fix Canon self-cleaning sensor unit Err 06:

  • Enable the camera's sensor-cleaning mode from the Menu.
  • Turn off the camera power switch. After few minutes turn it on again.
  • Turn off the camera and take out its batteries, fully charge them, and then reinsert properly.
  • Open the camera menu, disable the auto clean function.
  • If nothing works, contact your Canon Service Center.

Tip: Turn off your Canon DSLR before changing the lens to reduce the static charge on the sensor and stop attracting dust.

Canon DSLR error code - Err 10/20/30/40/50/70/80

Err 30 message on Canon 7D

Figure: Err 30 message on Canon 7D

Canon error codes - Err 10, Err 20, Err 30, Err 40, Err 50, Err 70, and Err 80 show up due to technical glitches in your camera. These errors don't let you further capture photos or record videos.

Canon Error code  Error message  
Err 10   A file system malfunction has been detected.  
Err 20   A mechanical malfunction has been detected.  
Err 30 A shutter malfunction has been detected.
Err 40 A power malfunction has been detected.  
Err 50   An electric control malfunction has been detected.  
Err 70   An image related malfunction has been detected.  
Err 80   An image or electric control malfunction has been detected.  

The solutions to all these error codes remain the same.

To fix Canon DSLR error code - Err 10/20/30/40/50/70/80:

  • Turn off the camera, wait for few minutes and turn it on.
  • Remove and clean the contact points of the camera battery. You can clean the battery terminals with a cotton swab. Make sure they are charged and then reinsert them in the camera.

Clean the areas 1 and 2 in your Canon battery

Figure: Clean the areas 1 and 2 in your Canon battery

  •  Use Canon specified lenses only. Get EF or EF-S lenses for the crop sensor cameras like Canon Rebel 40/50/60D, and Canon 7D. In the full frame cameras such as Canon 1D, 5D and 6D you can use EF lenses. The EOS M mirrorless Canon cameras use EF-M lenses. You can use EF and EF-S in mirrorless cameras with the help of an adapter
  • If these methods don't fix the errors10/20/30/40/50/70/80, contact Canon Service Center.

Tip: Polish the battery terminals with a tissue or dry cloth before charging the battery pack. If the terminals are dirty, for example, if there is oil or grease on the terminals, this may result in poor contact and the battery pack may not charge fully.

Canon Error 99

Err 99 in Canon 40D

Figure: Err 99 in Canon 40D

The Canon error code 99 stops your camera from shooting and recording images & videos. The error pertains to either the camera lens, memory card or the battery. If any of these are broken, damaged, have dust, or not properly placed on the device, you will see this error.

To fix Canon Err 99:

  • Turn off the camera. Wait for a minute, then turn on the camera and take a photo.
  • Ensure the lens is properly set on the camera and not tilted.
  • Clean the lens and its contact points with the camera.
  • Try by switching to another camera lens. If your Canon starts recording with another lens, the issue is with the lens. Send the damaged lens for repair or replace it.
  • Turn off the camera. Remove both the main battery and the backup battery, if you are using. Wait for 5-10 minutes. Then reinsert the batteries properly. Ensure the battery slots and contact points are clean, if not then clean them.
  • Remove and reinsert the camera memory card.
  •  Once try with the different SD card. If the camera error 99 is fixed, then issue is with the storage card. Format or replace it. First transfer all the photos and videos from the camera CF or memory card to computer. Then format the card in camera to reuse it.
  • If above fixes don't help in Err 99 in Canon, send your camera to Canon Service Center.

Canon Error 'Movie recording has been stopped automatically' error

Movie recording error in Canon DSLR

Figure: Movie recording error in Canon DSLR

Error message on Canon camera, 'Movie recording has been stopped automatically' is mostly related to the memory card problem. Your camera SD card may not have free space or it has low write/ read speed due to which it's not able to record videos.

It's also possible you have reached the maximum recording time or file size limit as per your camera model. You can check at the Canon support website, how much maximum recording time and file size is allowed for your camera model, at different recording modes and SD card capacities.

Also, if you find the camera heating up when the error appears, it could be due to continuous usage of the sensors while recording. The camera automatically stops recording in order to cool down.

To fix Canon Error 'Movie recording has been stopped automatically' error:

  • Turn off the camera and let it cool.
  • Don't leave your camera at high temperature like in direct sunlight.
  • Try with another memory card. Ensure you are using Canon compatible memory card.
  • Transfer files to computer and format the SD card in the camera to make space and reuse.

Tip: To record video for longer time on your Canon DSLR, use lower bitrate in H.264, reduce resolution and/or FPS.

Canon error, 'Battery level is too low. Cannot clean sensor'

The camera error message, 'Battery level is too low. Cannot clean sensor' appears when there is insufficient battery. This causes the shutter to close during the sensor cleaning process, which may damage the image sensor of the camera.

To fix Canon error, 'Battery level is too low. Cannot clean sensor':

Turn off the camera, remove the battery and fully-charge it.

If the problem persists, contact Canon Service Center.

Caution: Don't try DIY image sensor cleaning methods as that can damage your camera's sensor.

Tip: When you are using sensor-cleaning mode, it's recommended to run the camera from mains power supply via a DC coupler, so that you are not dependent on battery power to keep the camera shutter open.


The post mentions how you can fix common Canon camera errors. Most of the Canon camera error troubleshooting involves fixing the battery, memory card, or lenses of your DSLR. As dust is the major reason for the camera to get stuck at an error, cleaning is essential.

However, it is necessary to troubleshoot Canon errors the right way. Often in haste, you may use tactics that can further damage your camera, sometimes beyond repair. So whenever in doubt, seek professional help. Reach out to the authorized Canon Service Center near you.

Also keep a photo and video recovery software handy as Canon error codes may lead to loss of files due to accidental deletion or formatting.

Hope this post was helpful. Do share with our readers how you were able to fix your Canon digital camera error.

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