FFCA cocoons its mailbox data with stellar’s edb to pst converter

Located in Calgary, Alberta, Foundations for the Future Charter Academy (FFCA) is a leading public charter school. It excels in building excellence in student achievement and character development through distinguished training and learning.
FFCA strives for excellence in academic progress and independent learning, personal and character development, and the development of quality staff members.


Mr. Jeff Cullen at FFCA wanted to backup Exchange Server mailboxes in the PST format before migrating an in-house mailbox to Office 365. He wanted this simply as a precaution to keep data items safe and secure in case there was any damage to the Exchange EDB file which would make the mailboxes inaccessible.

"Backing up mailboxes to PST before migrating an in-house mailbox to Office 365, just as a precaution"

By backing up the mailbox data in PST, he could access all the mailbox items such as emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, etc.

However, to do so, he would have to import the resultant PST file into any Microsoft Outlook desktop email client. And, with the creation of backup, the loss of critical data could easily be avoided.
The other advantage of the conversion was to make data accessible to several desktop email clients. Accessing data in .PST is much easier as compared to other file formats. Furthermore, with the flexibility of storage support at any user established location, it can be moved from system to system and its mailbox contents accessed. All these made conversion of EDB to PST yet more appealing. Attracted by a number of advantages, Jeff Cullen wanted to create a backup of Exchange mailboxes, while moving to Office 365 or migrating the existing mailboxes to a new on-premises Exchange Server.

However, Jeff was not able to create a backup of the mailboxes in Exchange Server as PST file. As a prime public charter school, FFCA-Calgary would scarcely permit limitations while creating a backup of the Exchange mailboxes. Since the school did not have a dedicated IT team to create a backup of the Exchange mailboxes in PST format as a backup, it started looking for alternative solutions.


Jeff chose Stellar Converter for EDB to create a backup of the Exchange mailboxes in Outlook PST, by converting the Exchange database EDB file into PST. Our Research & Development team executed an intensive research on the methods to create a backup of the Exchange mailboxes in PST form.

  • The foremost factor was ease of use. The Stellar software was easy to download, configure and use, unlike other tools which required in-depth technical know-how to be able to use them effectively.
  • The second, yet important difference was in the incorporated features. The Stellar software provided a lot of advanced features that helped in the fast and easy conversion of the Exchange EDB file into PST. 
  • The third but the key difference is the skill to convert the huge EDB file without any data loss. Regardless of the error encountered, all the data items in the EDB file can be converted into Outlook PST using the software.
"Stellar Converter for EDB was the solution"

Jeff then proceeded with Stellar Converter for EDB which gave him the following outcome:

  • Extracted and saved all the data items from the Exchange EDB file mailboxes such as emails, contacts, calendars, address book, tasks, etc. in the Outlook PST file.
  • Successfully created a backup of the Exchange Server mailboxes in the PST format before migrating to Office 365 online mailboxes to deal with data inaccessibility issues.
"Stellar software installed on a dedicated workstation and used to extract PST from live EDB. That way, no downtime for the user"

Jeff was completely satisfied by the ease and efficiency provided by the performance of Stellar Converter for EDB tool. He was impressed by its response, speed, and conversion which was 100% successful as he could easily convert every single mailbox item from the EDB file.

"Thanks for a fantastic solution!"

He was glad to have found such a professional solution that converted the EDB file into equivalent PST effectively!

EDB to PST Converter
Stellar Converter for EDB converts offline or hosted EDB files to PSTs.

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This is a very handy and easy to use software that I would recommend to anyone.


Based in Calgary, Alberta, FFCA is one of Canada's largest charter school functioning for over 14 years, and is North America's largest.



To successfully extract Exchange mailbox items in Outlook PST

  • Tried multiple EDB Conversion tools
  • Leveraged Stellar Converter for EDB
  • Extracted all the mailbox items seamlessly
  • Created a backup of the Exchange Server mailboxes to PST format before migration
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