NCS resumes its it support with stellar’s edb to pst converter

Located in Rossendale, Lancashire, NCS Support is a leading IT services provider. For over 20 years, they've been offering complete support via Managed Service offerings including IT network support, online backup and the latest cloud solutions, such as Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

NCS Support undertakes projects of all sizes and furnishes IT support for SMBs across the North West, Merseyside, and West Yorkshire. By providing the right kind of solutions to numerous problems, it guarantees that systems of its clients are safe, robust, and reliable.


NCS Support manages IT solutions for a number of prestigious clients. The server can host mailboxes of up to 75 users and is an ideal first server solution for small businesses.

Recently, a client of NCS Support was affected by a failed SBS2011 server. Although the number of mailboxes on the server was low and NCS Support had the Exchange Database (EDB) file containing all mailbox data, there wasn't enough time at hand to build a working SBS or Exchange box from a scratch. Moreover, the EDB file they had was in a Dirty Shutdown state, therefore, all the data stored on the server became inaccessible. To get it back into a clean state, a lot of time would be spent using the Exchange ESEUTIL utility.

"EDB file in dirty shutdown state, as per my previous experience would have to spend a lot of time with Exchange ESEUTIL to get in a clean state"

As the prime and tailored IT solutions provider globally, NCS Support Services would never allow limitations to endanger its business objective of providing the best possible solution for IT tribulations round the clock to its clients. When the in-house IT team failed to restore the server to its working condition, despite several attempts, they began looking for alternative solutions.


Mr. Andrew Charlesworth at NCS Support realized that the solution could only be an external repair tool, and Stellar's EDB to PST Converter was a utility to reckon with. He was already familiar with the tool's capability and had used it on an earlier occasion. On his suggestion, the tool was downloaded and quickly installed.

To bring the database to a clean shutdown, NCS Support would have to bring the EDB file to a consistent stage. But since they didn't have the time for that, extracting all critical mailbox components into a new PST was the option they picked. Although the failed SBS2011 server hosted only about 75 mailboxes, all of them received critical emails that directly translated into revenue for the client. Thus, NCS Support literally had a race against time wherein their client couldn't afford any server downtime for repair as that would mean a direct loss of revenue.

Here, Stellar EDB to PST converter acted as a savior by quickly and accurately converting contents of all mailboxes on the SBS2011 to PST format. All the items from Exchange mailboxes such as emails, calendars, address book, etc., were successfully extracted, which were then saved in Outlook data file.

"Downloaded Stellar, hit find EDB and 30 seconds later, we were extracting critical email to PST files"

Andrew Charlesworth described his experience with Stellar Converter for EDB as brilliant. He claimed that this tool proved to be the most powerful Exchange extraction tool he had used in more than 20 years of Exchange installations. Since their client didn't have enough bandwidth, NCS Support limited their usage of the tool to mailbox extraction into PST format. If they had more time on their hands, Andrew claims they would have extracted EDB data straight into their client's new Office 365 platform.

He gave the tool a 10 on 10 and said he'd gladly use it again!

"The most powerful Exchange extraction tool I have used in 20+ years of Exchange installations. Saved dozens of engineer hours using hit-and-trial methods with a non-working Exchange server. If the client had enough bandwidth we could have extracted straight into their new Office 365 platform! 10/10 would use again!"
EDB to PST Converter
Stellar Converter for EDB converts offline or hosted EDB files to PSTs.

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This is a very handy and easy to use software that I would recommend to anyone.


Based in Rossendale, Lancashire, NCS Support Services is a foremost provider of IT solutions for over 20+ years.


To successfully extract Exchange mailbox items in Outlook PST

  • Tried a number of external software
  • Employed Stellar Converter for EDB
  • Restored the database to a clean shutdown state
  • Successfully extracted all the items from Exchange mailboxes
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