Parikshit Bhattacharyya

Dr. Parikshit Bhattacharyya

A MacBook user from Kolkata, West Bengal, India


1 TB external hard drive turned unreadable and unusable

850 GB of photos and videos stored in the drive were lost


To recover data from unreadable external hard drive on MacBook Pro

To guide the user on software-based data recovery process


The client used Stellar Data Recovery Premium software to scan and recover data from his unreadable 1 TB external hard drive


Successful recovery of 94% of lost data (photos and videos) with absolute integrity


"It's hard to come by such sincerity in service these days. I am supremely impressed by Stellar's data care expert and with the quality of Stellar data recovery software." - Dr. Parikshit Bhattacharyya

Stellar® Helps a User to Recover 798 GB Data from Inaccessible External Hard Drive

Dr. Parikshit Bhattacharyya—a user from Kolkata—had lost access to valuable data stored on a 1 TB external hard drive while using it with his MacBook Pro.

Situation Overview

A sudden loose USB connection rendered the external drive unreadable, while it was connected to the MacBook to transfer and store photos.

Without warning, he was left with an apparently corrupt external drive. He was aghast, as it contained close to 850 GB of photos and videos since 2011.

What made the situation more worrisome was that he didn't have backup of this priceless collection of photographs.

Initial Attempts to Regain Drive Access

He made repeat attempts to access the device on different host devices and via different USB cables, however, the drive remained inaccessible. He soon realized that there was little he could do to a hard drive that no computer (Mac/PC) could even read or recognize.

He finally shared his ordeal on a Facebook group of Mac users. Subsequently, many offered solutions and fixes. But, soon a data care expert from Stellar reached out to him.

The expert suggested him to try Stellar Data Recovery software and also walked him through the data recovery process. The expert explained to the user that he needn't purchase the software license to check how much of his lost data the utility could recover.

Professional Assistance for Data Recovery

Stellar data care expert enquired the user whether the external hard drive is recognized in Disk Utility—the drive may be greyed out but it must be listed. This preliminary analysis was essential to ensure that the drive hasn't undergone any physical damage and data recovery is feasible through software method.

Once confirmed, the expert assisted the user to download and install Stellar Data Recovery Premium software on his MacBook Pro. The user then scanned the unmounted external hard drive by using the software. And to his pleasant surprise, the tool showed 798 GB of recoverable data on its preview screen.

The user honestly admitted that he continued having his doubts with the capability of the software, and thus tried a few other recovery tools available online. He found that every other recovery software showed much lesser data as recoverable or had extremely complicated user interfaces.

He finally crossed his fingers and purchased the license key of Stellar Data Recovery Premium. Next, he proceeded with the drive scanning step once again. However, he faced an issue while performing the recovery due to a mismatch between the software variant he had installed vis-à-vis the one for which he had purchased the license. By mistake, he had purchased the license key of Stellar Data Recovery Premium software but had installed the Professional edition on his MacBook Pro.

So, he then left a message to the data care expert asking why his license key wasn't working.

Data Recovery Approach

Stellar data care expert helped him in the recovery undertaking. The subsequent steps played a significant role in successful data recovery:

1. Sending the link of the correct software

Within minutes of receiving the message, the data care expert pointed out the solution to the client, by sending him the download link of Stellar Data Recovery Premium for Mac software

2. Guiding the recovery process step by step

  • The expert suggested him to download and install the software from the link
  • Activate the software from the license key received through his email
  • Click Recover Data then select the type of data, location
  • Click Scan to initiate the scanning process of the affected hard drive
  • Once scanning process is over, preview and click Recover
  • Save the recovered file on to a different external hard drive
  • Wait till the recovery process completes
3. Follow up by Stellar data care expert

The expert enquired if all went well and if there was any further help that he needed


Stellar data care expert helped the user to successfully recover 798 GB of data (photos and videos) out of the 850 GB from his 1 TB external hard drive. A whopping 94% recovery, which was a remarkable feat!

The entire data recovery undertaking was performed from the user's desk, without the need to go through physical data recovery process. He had all his data back while sitting at the comfort of his home.

The user was pleased by the follow up. He wrote to us that it's hard to come by such sincerity in service these days. And he was not only impressed by our expert's interaction and assurance, but also with the quality of Stellar Data Recovery software.

He strongly recommends Stellar Data Recovery software to anyone needing data recovery from a corrupt or damaged hard disk, memory card, or computer's internal drive. Further, Stellar's experts are always there to help out, it is a win-win situation.

He also shared his most-valuable experience with the users and that is, back up, back up, and back up. He was fortunate to get back his data, but others may not be if they don't take regular backups.

Note: In case you lose data, immediately stop using the device to avoid risks of permanent data loss due to overwriting. Next, try using a reliable data recovery software or seek professional help.

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