Stellar PST Splitter supports batch processing by allowing you to split multiple large Outlook PST files all at once. This proves to be more economical when you need to save time managing multiple large PSTs. With this software, multiple PST files can be split based on two criterions, i.e. Time and Size. Splitting based on 'Time' criterion allows you to extract emails that correspond to a particular time interval. 

Mentioned below is the procedure to split multiple PST files by 'Time' criterion using Stellar PST Splitter :

Run Stellar PST Splitter. On the main interface, click 'Split Multiple Files'.

The next screen shows two options: 'Split By Time' and 'Split By Date'. Click 'Split By Time' to split multiple PST files by time.

You can choose to select multiple PST files either from a single folder or individually. Click 'Select Folder' to select a folder containing multiple Outlook PSTs or click 'Select Files' to select multiple PSTs at different locations. You also get an option to create batch file after specifying the splitting criteria for all PSTs. In case you have created one, you can load it using 'Select Batch File' option. Click 'Split PST File'.

Splitting PST Files Stored at Different Locations

If you click 'Select Files', the next screen shows you options for selecting Outlook data files stored at different locations.

Click 'Select File' to select a PST file. Click 'Select Destination' to provide a destination path for the new PST.

Select a start date and end date for this PST from the 'Select Start Date:' and 'Select End Date' dropdown. Click 'Add PST To List' button to add this PST to the list of files shown in the grid at bottom. You can use 'Remove PST' option to remove a PST from this list. Click 'OK'.

A dialog box appears asking you to save this information as a batch file in your system. If you want to create a batch file, provide a desired destination and click 'OK'.

The software starts splitting the selected files based on the specified criteria. After completion of the process, you get an option to save the log at any user-specified location.

Splitting PST Files Stored in a Folder

If you click 'Select Folder', a new dialog box appears listing all PST files contained in this folder. Select the files you need to split and click 'Next'.

The next screen shows you a grid listing all the selected files. Their original path is shown in the 'File Path' column.

You can specify the start date and end date for these PST files in the 'Start Date' and 'End Date' columns respectively. To do so, move to the individual cell and click on the image. Select a date in the calendar displayed to you.

Specify the destination path for each new PST in the 'Destination Path' column. You can apply similar settings to multiple files using the 'Apply Upto File Index' option.

Once you are done, click 'Next'. A new dialog is displayed that gives you an option to save this information as a batch file. If you need to create a batch file, specify a destination for this file. Click 'OK'.

The software begins the splitting process. Once the process is completed, you will be asked to save log of this process at any user-specified location.

The output PST files will be saved in a folder having a name of the mail id of the PST file at the destination.