PST file splitting is a good fit for organizations to effectively manage their business email and prevent problems, such as corruption. Stellar PST Splitter safely breaks your large Outlook PST into smaller files that can be managed and used independently of each other. With this tool, splitting can be performed for multiple PST files simultaneously. When these files are split based on size, multiple smaller PSTs of identical size are created at the destination. The user can specify the size of output PSTs. In order to split two or more PST files by size using Stellar PST Splitter, you need to follow the given procedure:

Run the software. On the main screen, click 'Multiple PST Files'.

On the next screen, select 'Split By Size' option to split multiple PST files based on 'Size' criterion.

The software gives you choice to split multiple PSTs stored at different locations or stored inside a folder. You can also load a previously created batch file to perform PST file splitting using the 'Select Batch File' button. A batch file is used for saving your preferences and the criteria you chose before performing the operation.

Splitting PST Files Stored at Different Locations

Click 'Select Files' button to select the files you need to split. The next screen displays options for selecting the PSTs and their destination path.

Click 'Select PST File' button for selecting a large Outlook PST and 'Select Destination' button for choosing a desired location where the output PST files will be saved.

From the 'Select Size' dropdown menu, select a desired size for the resultant PST files. Click 'Add PST To List' to add this PST file to the list of files displayed at the bottom. You can choose to remove a file from this list by selecting the respective file and clicking 'Remove PST'. You can add multiple PST files to this list. After selecting the files, click 'Next'.

A new dialog box will be displayed. You can choose to save a batch file. To do so, specify a destination and click 'OK'.

The software begins the splitting process. Once the process is completed, you can save the log of this process at any desired location in your system.

Splitting Multiple PST Files Stored in a Folder

In case your PST files are stored inside a folder, you can choose 'Select Folder'. A dialog box is displayed showing all the files contained in that folder. Choose the files for splitting and click 'Next'.

The next screen lists all the selected files in a grid. The 'File Path' column reflects the original path of these files.

Specify the size of resultant PSTs formed after splitting each selected PST in the 'Split Size' column. Provide a destination path for the output PSTs in the 'Destination Path' column. You can choose to select the same settings for multiple selected PST files using the 'Apply Upto File Index' option.

When you have specified all these options, click 'Next'. A new dialog will appear asking you to create a batch file. To do so, provide a desired destination path and click 'OK'.

The software starts splitting the selected Outlook PST files based on the criteria you have chosen. Once splitting is done, you can save the log of this process.

The output PST files are saved in a folder that will carry the name of mail id of the respective PST.