With Stellar Converter for OST software, you can search specific emails from the list of emails found after conversion of OST file to PST format. For this i.e. to search the specific emails, this software provides a Find Message feature in the File menu of its interface. This feature assists you to limit the search process by using several criteria/options, such as email id of a sender (From), email ids of recipients (To), subject, and date

The steps that you should execute to search the specific emails after the conversion of OST to PST file with this software are as follows: 

1. Click on the Find Message button in the File menu of the software as shown in the image below:

 2. The Find Message dialog box opens up. In this dialog box, state the search criteria as stated.

  (i) In To field, the state either all or a few characters of the ‘email ids’ of the recipients of the emails. Here, separate the keywords with a semicolon.

  (ii) In From field, state either all or a few characters of ‘email ids’ of the senders of the emails. Again, separate the keywords with a semicolon.    

   (iii) In the Subject field, state the subject that you have to look or search for.

   (iv) To search for emails sent or received on a specific date, check the Select Date Field checkbox, and choose a date from the Date drop box.

 3. Click the Find Now tab for the software to begin the search of emails based on the specified criterion.

 4. After the software completes the search process, all emails matching the search criteria are enlisted in the Total Message(s) Found section. 

In this way, by following the above-stated steps you can search the specific emails after conversion of OST to PST files.

Concluding Lines

Well, now that you know the steps to search and find the specific emails based on your requirement you have the option to open and view it in a new window. To do so, you need to double-click one email at a time  Further, you can also save it by giving right-click on it and based on requirement select any from the following: Save as MSG, Save as EML, Save as RTF, Save as HTML, and Save as PDF