It is possible to transfer Outlook data from one system to other. A need to transfer data from one computer to other may arise many times. Let us discuss some cases in which migration of Outlook data from one computer system to other system becomes a primary need.

 These situations are :

  • When an individual is leaving his/her organization and needs to carry all his/her personal Outlook data.
  • You are in a need to create a new e-mail account due to some issues and need the data of your old PST data to be exported to the new account.
  • Formatting the system erases all your data, including your PST file. So, in order to prevent the loss of your important e-mail messages, you can transfer it to some other computer. 
  • You may need to reinstall Microsoft Outlook application for which later you need to transfer the Outlook data to another computer for later use.
How to Transfer Outlook Data?

You have to go through the following procedure for the transfer of Outlook data from one computer to other. First of all, copy the data of a PST file to some portable or storage device, such as CD or DVD-ROM. Creation a new file also called a secondary Outlook PST file that is planned for migrating data only. Save all the PST data that you want to transfer in new Outlook PST file and exclude the data that you do not want to transfer if any.
Below listed are the steps to create a secondary PST file for the storage of data between two different systems. 
  • Go to File >> New >> Select Outlook Data File.
  • Enter different name for the new Outlook PST file, and then click OK.
  • Enter a display name for the PST file, and then select OK.
  • Quit Outlook.
Additionally, you have to follow the below steps to copy an existing Outlook PST file: 
  • Create a backup copy of an Outlook PST file that is to be transferred. Be sure that you copy the backup of the Outlook PST file to a CD-ROM or some other storage device.
  • Copy the backup copy of the PST file from the removable media to the second computer.
  • At last, import the data of the old Outlook PST file to the new Outlook file of the second computer.