This guide addresses a situation you might encounter while using mailbox repair/conversion software. When saving recovered data (emails, attachments, etc.) from a corrupted file, your antivirus software might trigger an alert.

Why Does This Happen?

Mailbox Repair/Conversion Software often temporarily saves extracted data to your local storage during the repair process. This maximizes data recovery from corrupted files. The antivirus scans these temporary files, and if it detects a virus in an extracted item, it raises an alert.

How to Avoid Antivirus Alerts?

Here are three solutions to prevent antivirus alerts when saving recovered data attachments:

  1. Quarantine Infected Items:
    • If your antivirus detects a virus, quarantine the infected item.
    • Run a full system scan using your antivirus software to remove any threats.
    • After a clean scan, use the mailbox repair/conversion software to save the data again. The saved file will only contain virus-free items.
  2. Filter Out Junk and Deleted Items:
    • Infected items are often found in Junk or Deleted Items folders.
    • In the data recovery software's preview window, deselect the "Junk" and "Deleted Items" folders.
    • Alternatively, in the "Save As" dialog box, select an option to exclude deleted items (if available).
  3. Temporarily Disable Real-Time Antivirus Protection (Use with Caution):
    • Outdated antivirus software might cause these alerts.
    • Caution: Disabling real-time protection leaves your system vulnerable. Only do this temporarily.
    • Refer to your antivirus provider's support page for instructions on disabling real-time protection.

Important Note: You may refer to this guide to disable Real-Time protection in Windows Defender or visit the support page of your antivirus software provider.

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