Stellar Data Recovery for Tape software supports recovery from commonly used Linear Tape-Open (LTO) tape cartridges of all types, capacities, and speed.

You can recover data from LTO 9, LTO 8, LTO 7, LTO 6, LTO 5, LTO 4, LTO 3, and others regardless of their raw/compressed capacity and speed.

The Stellar® Data Recovery For Tape has two version Technician and ToolIKit which supports different file support like Veritas (.BKF & Compressed .BKF), Symantec, Windows NT, TAR (Gzip and Bzip) file, CPIO & Tivoli Server Manager (BA Client) parsers.

The software works on LTO tapes from all brands including HP, Oracle, Quantum, IBM, and others.

You can retrieve documents, database files, emails, photos, videos, audio, and more saved in LTO tapes. It allows data preview before saving.

It effectively works with corrupt tape media and has the option to create image from inaccessible LTO tape.