Stellar Repair for MS SQL helps you to recover all the components of SQL database. It displays a comprehensive list of items after scanning and repairing the MDF file. All the items which can be recovered are shown as preview. The list of MS SQL database components include:

  1. Tables
  2. Functions
  4. Saved Procedures
  5. Data Types
  6. Rules
  7. Synonyms

The left pane consists of all types of data -Tables, Views, Synonyms, etc., and the right pane displays the details of selected data-type.

  • Verify the Table content from the preview of “Tables”:

Preview of Tables

  • Check the preview of “Functions”, here:

Preview of Functions

  •  The following image shows  the “Views” component of MS SQL database

preview of views

  • You can verify the content of “Stored Procedures”, displayed as:

Preview of Stored Procedures

  • The details of repaired and recovered “Data Types” are shown below:

Preview of Data Types

  • Below image provides details of “Rules” component of MS SQL Database

Preview of Rules

  • Following are the details of “Synonyms” component of MS SQL Database

Preview of synonyms

Once Verified by the user, all listed components of recovered SQL database can be saved as new database or in the existing live database at default or user-specified location.