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Stellar Phoenix Excel Repair

One-stop solution to repair corrupt Excel (.XLS/.XLSX) files

Stellar Phoenix Excel Recovery is a professional choice to fix corrupt Excel (.XLS/.XLSX) files and restore everything (including charts, chartsheets, cell comments, worksheet properties, and other Excel data) to a new blank Excel file.

  • Repairs single as well as multiple XLS/XLSX files
  • Restores objects to a new Excel file
  • Preserves worksheet properties and cell formatting
  • Supports MS Excel (Windows) and MS Excel (Mac)





The software embraces a set of unique capabilities for repairing corrupt MS Excel files. Some prominent features of the tool are listed below:


Recover Everything Without a Hitch iconRecover Everything Without a Hitch

You can simplify your Excel repair experience and get everything in your Excel file back without the slightest modification. This tool is equipped to recover every single object in your file without having to tinker with the formatting, layout, and other properties. You can restore user defined charts, formatting of the charts, condition formatting rules, properties of worksheet, engineering formulas, numbers, texts, shared formulas, and rules. To put this simply, your Excel data is safe with Stellar Phoenix Excel Repair.

Easy Repair with Stellar Phoenix Excel Repair iconEasy Repair with Stellar Phoenix Excel Repair

The software helps you minimize your hassles when dealing with corrupt or damaged Excel workbooks. If your large Excel file has slowed down the application or an error pops up while saving your worksheet in Excel, you are heading for spreadsheet corruption. Stellar Phoenix Excel Repair makes your damaged Excel files usable again by identifying corruption in individual objects, fixing the damage, and restoring the file back to its original specifications. The tool can help you repair a batch of Excel files simultaneously in a single attempt.


Enjoy Simple and Consistent UI iconEnjoy Simple and Consistent UI

Stellar Excel Repair (Mac/Windows) tool features a standard explorer-styled user interface that makes your browsing and navigation a cinch. Using the easy step-by-step wizard, you can rest assured of high-quality results no matter how mundane is your repair task at hand.

Recover Worksheets with Properties iconRecover Worksheets with Properties

With this tool, you can repair your corrupt Mac/Windows Excel file and restore all the original properties of workbook. The software is good at resurrecting the affected Excel file and restoring its exact behavior to give you a familiar and convenient experience.


Easy Files & Folders Selection iconEasy Files & Folders Selection

Stellar Excel repair incorporates an innovative approach to select or find a particular MS Excel file from your system with the ‘Find File’ or ‘Search File(s)’ options respectively. In addition, the ‘Search Folder’ option is very helpful to list down only the Excel files present within a folder. You can also do multiple selections from this list of files for repair.

Real-Time Pre-recovery Preview of Excel File iconReal-Time Pre-recovery Preview of Excel File

Phoenix Excel Repair (Mac/Windows) tool gives you the convenience of previewing the repaired Excel file objects in the main interface. You can reap benefits of this functionality by verifying your Excel data before recovery and determining the degree of accuracy you can achieve with the utility.


Resolve All Excel Corruption Errors iconResolve All Excel Corruption Errors

This Excel recovery tool is workable for all instances of worksheet corruption in Excel. You can overcome a variety of error messages that are raised due to corruption and recover your Excel data intact with this software.

Recommendations before Use iconRecommendations before Use

You need to consider a few requirements before using the tool to repair Excel files.

  • Close all Excel files before running the application.
  • If you have engineering formulas in your Excel worksheet or workbook, install the 'Analysis ToolPak' add-in.


Wide Support and Compatibility iconWide Support and Compatibility

The software can fix your corrupt Excel files on both Mac and Windows platforms.

For Windows:

OS: Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, and NT
MS Excel: 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, and 2000

For Mac:
OS: Mac OS X 10.9 and earlier
MS Excel: 2011 and 2008

Note: For Mac, the tool supports only '.XLSX' files.

Windows Mac
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* The free Demo version of the software is only for the evaluation purpose. Using the demo version, you can preview the repaired Excel file and the data within it. To save the file, you need to register for the full version.



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  • Does Software shows full file preview in demo version ?

    Yes, You can see the preview of the file in the software demo version but can’t save the files. For full recovery, you have to purchase the full version of the software.

  • May I open Excel file while software is running ?

    No, close all excel files while the software is scanning the corrupted file.

  • How to register Stellar Phoenix Excel Recovery?

    After your order is confirmed, you will receive a pre-paid serial number through email. You can use this serial number to register the software. To do so, follow the given procedure:

    Run the Demo version of the tool.

    Click 'Tools' on the menu bar and select 'Activate Stellar Phoenix Excel Recovery'.

    Enter Name and Key. Click 'OK'.

  • Can I repair multiple Excel files in a single operation using this software?

    Yes, Stellar Phoenix Excel Recovery is equipped to repair multiple XLS/XLSX files simultaneously. You can add one or more files for repair using the 'Add File to Tree View' icon on the toolbar. To remove files from the tree, you may use the ‘Remove File(s) from Tree View’ icon.

  • My corrupt Excel worksheet contains engineering formulas. Can this worksheet be recovered with the help of this tool?

    Yes, the tool can repair Excel Worksheets that contain engineering formulas. In order to make such repair, you need to manually enable the ‘Analysis Tool Pack’ add-in from ‘Tools’-> ‘Add-Ins’.

  • “Excel Recovery will not continue...” the software shows this message. What it means?

    This message shows up when the software is performing repair and you have some Excel files opened in the system.

  • What is the difference between SOHO & Technician License?

    SOHO or Single User license allows you to use the software only on a single system. With Technician license, you can install and use the software on multiple systems in multiple locations.

  • I am getting error 'File Error: Data May Have Been Lost'. How can I repair this Excel File?

    The error 'File Error: Data May Have Been Lost' indicates corruption in your Excel file. You can fix this corruption by using Stellar Phoenix Excel Recovery.

  • I am getting error 'Unable to read file'. How can I repair this Excel File?

    The error 'Unable to read file' denotes that your Excel file is in an unreadable format due to corruption. You need to repair the file quickly using Stellar Phoenix Excel Recovery.

  • I am getting error 'Excel cannot open the file '(filename)'.xlsx'. How can I repair this Excel File?

    The above error shows up when your Excel file has encountered severe corruption. To fix the problem, you need to carry out Excel repair with this software.

  • I am getting error 'excel found unreadable content in filename.xls'. How can I repair this Excel File?

    The error shows that you have minor data corruption in your MS Excel file. You can easily repair and recover the file using Stellar Phoenix Excel Recovery software.

  • List some Excel file corruption errors that you can easily work around with this tool?

    The software can help you overcome the following prominent errors:

    'The file is corrupt and cannot be opened'

    'The document cannot be saved'

    'Excel cannot open the file 'filename'.xlsx'


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