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How to Repair Multiple Excel Files by Using Stellar Repair for Excel?

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With Stellar Repair for Excel, it is quite easy and simple to repair multiple MS Excel (XLS and XLSX) files that are damaged. This is because the software has a self-explanatory interface and hence is a Do-it-yourself software. Nonetheless, when using this software to repair multiple Excel files, you would have to add all of the files into the software by following a few pre-defined steps. Follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Launch Stellar Repair for Excel software.
  2. Go to the File menu and click on the Add File tab. Next, click on the OK tab to proceed.

Excel Recovery Software

Figure 1: Add File tab to add multiple Excel files for repair

  1. Click on Select Folder tab in the ‘Stellar Repair for Excel’ dialog box.

Select Folder Option

Figure 2: ‘Select Folder’ to add multiple Excel files from the folder

  1. In the Browse for Folder dialog box, browse and choose the folder from which you wish to add the damaged Excel files. Here, you can also select a volume. Next, click on the OK tab.
  2. In the Stellar Repair for Excel dialog box, all Excel files that are found in the chosen folder or volume are enlisted. Next, do the following:
    • Check the check boxes of damaged Excel files that need to be repaired.
    • Next, click on the Scan tab to start the repair process.

Note - With this, all files are enlisted in the left pane under Stellar Repair for Excel node.


Scans multiple files

Figure 3: Scan multiple Excel files that are damaged

  1. Check the check boxes of all damaged Excel files that you wish to repair.
  2. On the File menu of the software’s main interface click on the Save icon to save the repaired files.
  3. With this, the software’s Advanced Options dialog box comes up. From its ‘Select Destination’, choose either Default location or Select New Folder radio button.

Note - The former saves the file to the original location from where it was added whereas the latter gives you the option to select a new location to save the repaired files. You can choose a new folder by clicking on the Browse tab. Then, click on the OK tab to finally save the repaired Excel files.

Save Repaired File

Figure 4: ‘Advanced Options’ to save the repaired files at preferred location

The steps that have been described above are necessary to repair multiple Excel (XLS and XLSX) files with Stellar Repair for Excel software. Thus, execute them for successful repair of the damaged Microsoft Excel files.


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