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Error Message in Excel 'File Error: Data May Have Been Lost'

Author : Creative Team Updated on December 16, 2015

Received the following error message, while I opened an important Excel file;

'File Error: Data May Have Been Lost'.

Seems that the file has been corrupted or damaged. How can I regain my data back?

The error message that you have been experiencing occurs in case when you try to open an excel sheet in higher version of MS Excel while it was created in some earlier version of MS Excel. Consequently, the Excel sheet comes up with an error that means the file objects, such as charts, images, etc. might not be accessible. The other cause for the above mentioned error message may be a damaged Excel file.

The reasons can be any. Your Microsoft Excel sheet can get damaged or corrupt in case of the following circumstance:

Virus attack
Abrupt system shutdown
Operating System corruption
Human error

However, there are always ways out to resolve any error occurred. You can follow these steps to repair the excel sheet:

Use the same version of MS Excel to open the excel sheet in which it was created
If the issue does not get resolved then use the 'Open and Repair' feature to open the excel sheet. 'Open and Repair' feature of the Microsoft Excel is an inbuilt tool that opens and repairs the damaged excel sheet automatically.

In case the 'Open and Repair' feature fails to fix the issue then you should use an updated backup to restore the file. However, if you do not have any updated backup then you should use an excel repair software such as Stellar Phoenix Excel Repair tool to repair the excel sheet. This software efficiently repairs the damaged Excel sheet and restores its various features such as, tables, charts, formulas, clip arts, cell comments, etc.


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