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How Can I Find Recovered Excel File

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Stellar Repair for Excel repairs the corrupt Excel files and allows saving the recovered data at default or a user-specified location.

Once you have downloaded and activated Stellar Repair for Excel, the software scans and repairs the damaged tables, charts, formulae, etc. and displays a preview to verify and save the repaired excel file data.

The newly repaired Microsoft Excel file follows a specific naming convention: Original file name with the prefix “Recovered”.

For example, a corrupt Excel file ‘abc.xls’ is saved as ‘Recovered_abc.xls.’
Follow these steps to find the recovered file:

  1. Go to taskbar
  2. Type the new filename in the Search box. You'll see results for documents across your PC and OneDrive under ‘Best Match’
  3. Click the recovered Excel file from the folder

Click here for detailed description of the Excel file Repair process using the software.


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