Ruslana Lishchuk

A Mac specialist tech content creator with over 7 years of experience.
Experience & Education

Ruslana Lishchuk is passionate about everything Apple. Her love for the English language and Apple products led her to create tech content. She believes tech is not that difficult when explained in simple terms. Ruslana specializes in writing macOS how-tos apps.


Ruslana has a Master’s degree in Romance and Germanic philology. Having obtained a degree as an English and German translator she began translating articles the moment she began working in the IT-sphere. She’s been in IT for over 7 years.


Ruslana Lishchuk has been part of the Stellar® Team since 2021. She has been creating articles and blog posts for more than three years. Starting working in the support department and communicating with the customers who had troubles with their Macs led her to a deeper understanding of how to help Mac users.


Ruslana is fond of traveling, reading, and watching all of the Apple events. Apart from creating content, she believes it’s crucial to do sport and spend time away from the screen. This is her recipe to have a work-life balance.

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5 Top Mac Data Recovery Software in 2024

profile  Ruslana Lishchuk calender  January 03, 2023 bach  Data Recovery   sub  Mac Data Recovery

Common Causes of Data Loss Today, data loss is almost like a natural disaster. If you want to be sure of the safety of your data, we advise you not only to store it in a safe place but also to pay at...

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How to Recover Data If TRIM Is Enabled On Your SSD Drive

profile  Ruslana Lishchuk calender  January 03, 2023 bach  Data Recovery   sub  Mac Data Recovery

You'll need to enable the TRIM option if you want to get the most out of your SSD. It streamlines the system's operations by logically arranging the data. It may be a real disaster because even with a...

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3 Ways to Recover Files Deleted from Mac Guest Accounts in 2024

profile  Ruslana Lishchuk calender  December 21, 2022 bach  Data Recovery   sub  Mac Data Recovery

Many people set up Mac Guest Accounts on their Macs so their family members or somebody else can use them. After a guest has used your Mac, you can delete their account and all associated files.  This...

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How To Recover Data From MacBook SSD in 3 Steps

profile  Ruslana Lishchuk calender  December 20, 2022 bach  Data Recovery   sub  Mac Data Recovery

Every Mac user has a lot of files stored on their Mac. Some files could be crucial for work or personal usage. Imagine that your Mac won't start one day, and your files still need to be backed up. No...

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10 Best Windows Data Recovery Software 2024

profile  Ruslana Lishchuk calender  June 15, 2022 bach  Data Recovery   sub  Windows Data Recovery

Data recovery software allows you to rescue deleted files in minutes. It's an excellent tool for an emergency. But which one should you choose? Today you'll learn how data recovery software works. W...

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6 Best File Shredder Software for Mac

profile  Ruslana Lishchuk calender  April 14, 2022 bach  Data Erasure   sub  File Eraser

So what exactly is the file shredder software for mac? Shredders are designed to securely remove a file and make sure that no one can restore it. Or gain access to the information that you wanted to d...

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