10 Best Photo Restoration Services of 2020

If you have a pack of old photos stored somewhere in the attic and want to save those precious memories forever, you should definitely address a trustworthy photograph restoration service.

Such agencies can give your damaged images a second life by removing scratches, restoring torn pieces, improving brightness, removing the traces of time influence, enlarging pictures and doing other necessary manipulations. Professional retouchers armed with advanced restoration tools will digitize your old images and work on the received copies.

1. FixThePhoto

Price: $25-50 per photo

Time for retouching: 1-3 days

  • Straightforward order system
  • Budget-friendly service
  • No hidden fees

FixThePhoto stands out with a huge variety of photo restoration services including fire and water damaged restoration, repairing of mold-spoilt images, restoration of missing parts, saving photos that have numerous scratches and stains, as well as turning B&W photos into colorful images.

You can send your images via Email, Dropbox or WeTransfer and choose from 3 photo restoration packages – from the basic to advanced damaged restoration package.

In addition to a long list of service, the company also offers helpful free tools for image post-processing (Photoshop actions, overlays, Lightroom presets, textures) and video editing (e.g. LUTs and video overlays). If you become a regular customer, you can enjoy numerous goodies, such as bulk services and generous discounts.

We couldn’t believe our eyes when we received our photos – they look so great and realistic. What is more, the cost of such professional services is really moderate. These specialists approached our order with special care and worked in accordance with the instructions provided. The result fully exceeded our expectations.

2. WeEdit.Photos

Price: $25-50 per photo

Time for retouching: 2-5 days

  • Works with all file formats
  • Round-the-clock customer support Realistic results  
  • Require registration

No less efficient photograph restoration service with clear pricing policy. They accept old and damaged images, as well as those with blurry parts, abnormal exposure and lost pixels. You can also address Weedit.Photos, if you need to colorize black and white shots and improve the colors and tones in your old pictures. 

Their website is designed to provide clients with a clear understanding of what these specialists offer and how they cope with various tasks. If you want to see how these guys work, you can check the “Examples” tab full of numerous samples of restored images. They all look really realistic ensuring the professionalism of this team.

Not only these guys skillfully restored our images and delivered the results really fast, but they also eliminated distracting elements and made the photos more eye-pleasing. Their responsible approach to work really deserves special praise.

3. DamagedPhotoRestoration Service

Price: $25-50 per photo

Time for retouching: 2-4 days

  • Responsive managers
  • Cope with any type of damage
  • Quite long turnaround

This company fully focuses on restoring images with different levels of damages. The site contains info about 3 available image restoration packages – standard, premium, and extreme. They differ in the changes applied and the cost.

You can order the restoration of water-damaged photos, general image repair, and old picture colorization.

They presented our restored images in 3 business days, which is really fast for this type of work. However, they didn’t restore the entire picture, devoting attention only to its most damaged parts.

4. Scancafe

Price: $0.99-49.99 per photo

Time for retouching: 8-10 days

  • High-grade protection for each order
  • Discounts
  • Comprehensible ordering
  • Image restoration takes a lot of time

ScanCafe accepts all types of media such as negatives, slides, and videotapes, and scans them to receive material for further restoration. The process is performed online and always results in images that get a new lease on life.

Talking about our experience of working with this service, we can’t say we are absolutely satisfied. They sent us images in 10 days but there were some issues and we asked for a revision. Unfortunately, that didn’t help a lot and we still dislike how they treated textures of the clothes.

5. Image Cleanup

Price: $25 per photo

Time for retouching: 6-7 days

  • First order is free
  • Understandable payment system
  • Photo restoration is far from perfect

To become the best photo restoration service, Image Cleanup has to work hard, because for today there are serious disadvantages that can scare off clients.

The range of photo restoration services is standard, ranging from basic to pro-level ones. They can eliminate blemishes and scratches, repair damages and make B&W images colorful. You can check the Portfolio section, but there are too few samples to clearly understand their professional level.

Our order was ready in several days. Unfortunately, they were careless about color correction and general improvements. However, they preserved the texture of the clothes.

6. Smooth Photo Scanning

Price: $39-79 per photo

Time for retouching: 6-7 days

  • Simple ordering procedure
  • Free shipping for orders over $250
  • Rather expensive Unrealistic results

Smooth Photo Scanning is positioned as a pro-level service involved in restoring and colorizing old pictures, removing blemishes, fixing missing parts. They manage to replace the torn pieces with the knowledge of the problem so that finished photos look amazing. When the restoration stage is over, clients can print out their images.

We don’t know what was wrong with our order, but what we got is far from what we expected to see. The face retouching and color correction they performed doesn’t match the standards set in the industry. The most disappointing thing is that the result lacks realism and there is too much grain.

7. Color Experts International

Price: from $4.49 per photo

Time for retouching: 5-6 days

  • Reasonable prices and sufficient discounts
  • Transparent payment system
  • Poor color correction
  • Partial image processing
  • Hidden payments

This company offers photo restoration and editing services, and uses advanced tools, e.g. pen tablets (Wacom) for non-destructive image enhancement. Regardless of how severely your pictures are damaged, you can get in touch with these guys and they will try to make them look flawless.

As for our order, there are only negative things to mention. We received the result quite fast and that’s good. However, their work boiled down to softening the edges while the faces and the rest of the picture were left unprocessed.

Color correction is also disappointing. When we asked for revisions, managers informed us that we have to pay for them.

8. VistaPix Media

Price: Hourly rate of $29

Time for retouching: 10-14 days

  • Manually scanning
  • 600DPI resolution standard
  • Hourly rates
  • Poor restoration quality
  • Too long turnaround time

This is a family-owned photograph restoration service that is known for a particular approach to scanning old images and working with their digital copies.

Initially they scan images to the highest resolution possible and then proceed with enhancements. You can ask them to repair and retouch your shots, as well as correct colors.

They spend 12 days restoring our images. Having waited for almost 2 weeks, we hoped to get really high-end result but that was far from reality.

9. PhotoFixRestore

Price: from $1.59 per photo

Time for retouching: 3-4 days

  • Cheap
  • Follow the client’s recommendations
  • Inconvenient website
  • Unnatural photo restoration
  • Unresponsive managers

The first thing that catches an eye when you open this website, is how cluttered it is. To find the necessary service, you need to browse through numerous tabs and devote even more time to figure out the pricing system. Here you can order the restoration of faded, scratched and old images, as well as B&W images colorization.

Our photos were processed for 4 days. We think it would be better to work longer and deliver more qualitative images with colors being on point. Besides, they didn’t fix graininess. Managers were rather unwilling to answer our questions.

10. Forever Studios

Price: $35 per photo

Time for retouching: 1-3 days

  • You can upload an unlimited number of photos
  • Rush Service
  • Unhelpful customer support
  • Numerous flaws
  • Partial photo restoration

You can send images in numerous formats and order different types of photo restoration depending on the problem. For clients with a tight schedule, Forever Studios has a special rush service (1-day photo processing) but get ready to pay more ($20).

Though they sent us finished images in 2 business days, we have to wait longer because of multiple revisions. It is rather strange why they left some areas of images untouched. Besides, the skin tone looks artificial.

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