Disk Recovery Software

Trusted by Fortune 500 Companies

Stellar Data Recovery Technician

  • Secure and risk-free data recovery from RAID 0, RAID 5, and RAID 6 arrays
  • 'Remote Recovery' option for recovering lost data over a network
  • Recovers deleted messages and related data in MS Outlook and Outlook Express

Stellar Windows Data Recovery (Technician) is a robust application to suit all hard disk recovery needs of technicians and advanced Windows users. The software helps you effortlessly recover data from formatted drives, deleted partitions, and RAID arrays.

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Stellar Data Recovery Technician for Mac

  • Best performing data recovery software for IT experts & Admins
  • Best Suited for the SME looking for data recovery tool
  • Runs on multiple Macs and addresses to client's requirement

Stellar Data Recovery Technician for Mac helps a data recovery SME to perform and approach to prospect's data recovery needs efficiently. It helps to recover corrupt disk data, backup SSD/HDD and perform media file repair.

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Stellar Data Recovery for Virtual Machine

  • Supports VMware – vmdk File, ORACLE - .vdi File, and Windows - .vhd File
  • Recovers all data lost due to ‘Deletion’ as well as ‘Formatting’ of the virtual drive
  • Compatible with both the Windows and Linux Operating Systems

Stellar Recovery for Virtual Machine is an ultimate solution for all those who have lost their valuable data in any form from their virtual volumes. You can scan the virtual drive, preview the recovered data and then finally save them to any desired location in your computer or to an FTP server.

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BitRaser File Eraser

  • Selectively erases files, application/system traces, emails, slack spaces etc.
  • Allows wiping a group of selected files in a single go
  • Allows you to perform the wiping operation at a particular instance of time

A reliable file eraser software that helps wiping selected files from your hard drive, diminishing any chance of recovery. The utility completely erases confidential as yet unwanted data from the system, including system traces, chat messenger data, Internet activities, data from P2P application etc.

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BitRaser File Eraser (Mac)

  • Wipes all data including system traces, Internet browsing data, recent file histories etc.
  • Allows wiping individual files, folders or the entire hard drive
  • Provides option to schedule the wiping task

Stellar Wipe is a trusted Mac software that allows you to permanently delete all data from your Mac hard drive including partitions, formats and file data. This software uses extremely secure algorithms to remove data permanently from your Mac computer.

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  • Supports data erasure from all drives – ATA, PATA, SSD, SAS, SCSI, IDE, USB
  • Erases data from servers, laptops, desktops and supports RAID dismantling
  • Supports data erasure as per 27 internationally recognized erasure standards

BitRaser is a certified data erasure software to erase sensitive data on storage devices in a secure and eco-friendly way. The plug and play software performs verified and certified erasure, and provides tamper-proof certificate to attain compliance with regulatory standards for data privacy.

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BitRaser Mobile Eraser & Diagnostics

  • Erases data permanently from iOS and Android based devices
  • Provides verifiable data erasure report and certificate
  • Erases data from 40 mobiles, simultaneously

BitRaser for Mobile is a certified and secure data erasure software for Android and iOS based mobile devices. The privacy safeguarding software ensures that data does not fall in wrong hands when the devices are sold, recycled or disposed. The software erases data as per 9 globally recognized erasure standards.

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