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I am contented with the performance of this product , that was Frightening moment of my life when I came to know my data is deleted, but this product recovered my all files in very short time period without making it very hectic ,that's why this deserve 5 stars . thanks developers for making best product for mac audience…..



I am pleased to share my experience about this software, that was very horrible when I came to know my files got deleted mistakenly, I was quaking in boots, because I had been saving them for very long period of time,, I wasn’t able to understand what should I do, then someone told me about Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery, really, guys, this product is amazing. This product recovered about 100% my data, I don’t have words for Stellar you all guys are incredible, “I am indebted to you (Stellar).



Ah! What a great product for recovering deleted Mac files, it’s unbelievable, Definitely, I would recommend to other Mac audiences to try this for recovering deleted files.

Vern Schindler


The software is a complete return on investment (ROI). After spending just $99, I recover the tuition documents of all my students quite quickly. Without, the data recovery software I was on the losing side as I was near to lose my $2000. Thanks, Stellar Info for developing such a useful product!



WOW factor of this software is the recovery of deleted files from a corrupted Time Machine hard drive.

Guadalupe Wilkins


Upgraded to the latest macOS Sierra lost all my JPEG files then I found this app, and got all my files deleted files back.



My boss told me to recover deleted pdf files or ready to face the firing squad in 2 days time. I banked upon Stellar, and it didn’t break my trust. I recovered 200 deleted pdf data files in running condition. Yes, the software had its price, but I accepted it was my mistake after all. The software saved my job and it's more important for me in the long term.



Nice and handy in recovering deleted Apple Mails.



I accidentally deleted a series of Photos that I have taken over five months for a construction time-lapse for a client, without any data backup. However, after using Stellar Mac recovery application, I recovered those deleted pictures. This data recovery program finally saved the day as well as my reputation.



Had a great ride using your tool on my deleted BootCamp partition. It recovered 90% of the Windows data that was formatted through Disk Utility tool.

Jessica Chapin


One of the finest Mac data recovery software in the market.

David Sturdivant


Wish I had Stellar Phoenix earlier; paid thrice the price to get files off from another tool :(



I would personally like to thanks your technical staff who solved my case like a pro with Stellar Phoenix 7.1. My HDD had been missing the file system and couldn’t show me the data. After having received a nice explanation and solution to my issue, I in no time made the data recovery possible.



No backup nothing and foolishly I restored my Mac Mini hard drive resulting in an epic loss of my files. That day was hell; felt like punching myself again and again. But thanks to your software I made approximately 95% of data recovery from Mac Mini. Yeah, 95%. Thanks for saving, my soul.

John Culp


I am comfortably able to recover my lost files from Mac Pro


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