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This is a Godsend product! Somehow, a program automatically starts popping up and starts deleting files from my digital video library. However, I tried to stop the process before it destroyed all the videos files stored on the external drive. This library has taken too much time in producing. The files did not go to my Mac trash folder, so could not be able to recover them from there. However, when I reached out to the Google for finding out the video recovery possibility, I came across Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery Software. Previously, I have used some other Stellar software that I was very pleased with so took a chance with this Data Recovery program and it worked for me. Thank you so much Stellar!



Warning: Either buy this product or keep your Mac miles away from grandpa. He deleted all my data when he tried to prove his smartness. I had to recover everything from zero.

Chad Morrow


Don't really trust third party software for my Mac but Stellar Phoenix proved to be a saviour.

Kevin Portillo


I like the new interface. Definitely better than its predecessor.

Akie Ronald


Well compatible with MacOS Sierra 10.12



I loved how the software recovered deleted files from 1 TB Encrypted My WD Passport HDD, but it took lots of time to do so. Still a preferred tool for my Mac.

Kira Doherty


A nice software to try for missing entire Volume

Graig Otts


The Free Edition of your software did the trick by recovering a single 25-page word document that was extremely important to me. I still have almost 650 MB of free recovery left with me. Will surely update to your professional version once I ran out the free recovery quota.

Benjamin Hodgkins


It is well compatible with macOS Sierra 10.12

Samuel Crook


The software is a bit expensive in comparison with competitors.

Van Berube


Recovers deleted backup files from Time Machine hard drive



Faced no problem recovering my daughter's prom night photos which her dad messed up accidentally :)

Laura Martinez


Regained my inaccessible files with the RAW recovery feature of Stellar Mac Data Recovery

Robert Weller


I never thought that I would be able to recover my deleted videos successfully from my MacBook Pro. I have only a few videos taken during last summer vacation. I was not able to backup those video files. Thanks to Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery Software, I have recovered all my deleted videos.

James Williamson


A local data recovery firm asked me $300 for recovering files from a WD that failed continuously mounting on Disk Utility. I was about to avail the service but in the nick of time I came across Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery program. In $100 it recovered all of my files from the troubled disk. I just couldn’t thank my Lord for me finding this utility just in time, else I would have wasted $200 more as asked by the data recovery firm.


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