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Sebastián Alejandro


A very fine tool for recovering lost data from the storage device. I have used this tool to get my lost files back from SSD, and it worked well. Keep it up, guys.



This is a great product but speed of recovery is slow



Not so expensive tool for important data retrieval. I have run this tool to recover my permanently deleted official documents and it flawlessly recovered all my important files. Thanks!!



It took a longer time to scan my hard drive;

Eva McKenzie


From my side, this is the best tool developed by Stellar. I’ll give five stars.

Martin Patrick


This software successfully recovered deleted data from desktop

Connor Slater


They surpassed my expectation in every way. A very promising data recovery software!



It didn’t recovered my all data from the unrecognized hard drive.

Jaime Conemac


It is incredible to pay for software that did nothing to try to recover a long time and had no success, while a free tool managed to do it

Charles Leo


The new interface is very lively and refreshing. Great Work



This tool recovered my lost files; but not all of them. This software does not recover some of my important files. Disappointed!!

Ada Robinson


Free demo edition of this software only allows to take a preview of recovered files and not allow to save those files at free of cost. They should offer at least some amount of data recovery for free.



It rocks! A few days back I lost my college assignments, but with the help of this software, I successfully recovered all those files. It helped me a lot and saved me from getting Zero marks in my exams. Thank again.



Hey I had used Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Software version 3.1 some time ago when I lost all of my office documents accidentally this software definitely save my business and my life too. I don't know which version is currently updated but I recommend this software by my heart.

Ethan Bin


An easy to use and affordable software for recovering data from Windows based volume. I have tried it and would love to recommend it. All the best!!


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