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Phyllis Baron


All my lost images are happily recovered

Grace Carter


Fantastic performance. Easily recovers deleted data.

Martin Crow


I had used this software in past when I lost all of my photo's from D drive. I request for help in one forum and I found This software from there. Firstly I had tried Trial version of this software and after confirming that I can recover all of my photo's I buy this software and get all of my photo's as it is . I had buy the old version But this is better one.

Great software, Great Features

Alexis Baker


Very much satisfied with the performance of the product.

Tormod Steinsholt


A friend of my wife had XP behave awkwardly on her laptop. She purchased an external hard drive and had someone copy files over before doing a deep format and installing XP. However, somehow her private photo album (of four years) never made it. My wife asked if there was anything I could do, I didn't think so. Phoenix recovery tool, however, made the process possible. I had an installation problem, but the customer support was very helpful. I recommend using this tool. It gets the job done. You tolerate the inconveniences when you are doing the "impossible".

Greg Storer


Keep up the good work, the Stellar Data Recovery software is excellent.

Joe V., Cleveland, OH.


"But this computer only prints the labels we put on all our packaging! You mean we were supposed to backup that hard drive too?" That's the story that came with the PC that unexpectedly arrive from one of our satellite warehouses. Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery was able to quickly recover all the contents of the corrupted hard drive for transfer to a new drive. The system went back into production the next day. Thanks to Stellar, we only had one business day of downtime versus the days it would take a recovery service to get around to doing the same thing at four times the cost..



Due to this software, I recovered my childhood memories photos from Windows XP system.



I did not use your web site, so any answers related to the website can be disregarded. I accidentally deleted my vacation photos and in panic googled Restore deleted photos software. I clicked the first link I got, downloaded the software, bought the full version and restored my photos. All I can say, the software was a lifesaver :)

Sophia Mitchell


All my deleted files are restored. Thanks a lot…

Wesley Holt


Your software recovers great but I would work on the menu appearance and functionality. I am very disappointed with it. I use Windows 10.

Robin Maddox


Quick Scan is the advance feature of Stellar Phoenix Window Data Recovery. It helps me to search deleted files quickly.

Samantha Green


Very nice product...i am happy with the customer service also.

Tom Kerbs


A nice software to recovered lost jpeg files.

Ethan Miller


Awesome product at this price.


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