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I liked its search volume option which helps to detect the unrecognized hard drive. After deleting the drive it starts the drive scanning and recovery process.



this tool is a life saver for me as it recovered my some confidential documents which I needed the most

Joe H.


My experience with this software is very amazing. It’s easy to use interface really impressed me a lot. I am really in love with it.

Allen Brown


Preview of files before recovery is a noteworthy feature.

Maureen Caprino


The software is over-priced as per its performance. Price is a deciding factor for many users like me.

John Miller


Love its advanced features. Quite able to recover the data from my 50 GB hard drive.

Steve Benneth


Don't find any difficulty in retrieving data from WD Hard Drive.

Donald Harris


Being a tech guy, I must say that no doubt, this software is such a powerful software which can recover a data efficiently; but, it’s a lie that the free version of this software can recover your data. It is only 1GB data which you can recover it for FREE. But, the efficient output of this software will cover all its drawback and issues.

Charlie Forlay


With brand new User Interface, recovering data is, even more, simpler and easier.



Its my pleasure to use this magical data recovery tool. I am really impressed with the way it recovers the data. I had by mistakenly deleted my folder which carries the pics of my precious moment. I really feel sad after this. Somehow, I get to know about this data recovery tool and I easily recovered all the pics which I had lost accidentally. Thanks to the developers of this tool.



Grazie a Stella Phoenix ho recuperato tutti i dati di un Hard Disk esterno, ho trovato il software molto semplice da utilizzare e ottimo come funzionalità. Per la mia esperienza è un software che consiglio anche per il prezzo contenuto. Luca Zanchin

Michael Franklin


One of the finest data recovery software ever produced.

Allen Brown


System Startup Disc along with the software is the best combination. This is called complete solution.



I feel glad to have this software in my life. It really works great. I love to suggest this software to my colleagues. It's features will easily attract anyone towards it. Thanks to the developer of this tool which made it wonderful.



Should be able to recover original files and not just root.


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