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I feel glad to have this software in my life. It really works great. I love to suggest this software to my colleagues. It's features will easily attract anyone towards it. Thanks to the developer of this tool which made it wonderful.



Should be able to recover original files and not just root.

Henry Roger


The performance of the software is OK. But I hope for better support services also. Mixed reactions.



Concealing the truth that its free version can recover all the data is very sad. I have heard about this software since a long time, but, when today, I had used this software, I found that after recovering my 1GB data, it asked me for the Activation Key, which was surprising to me. I have to recover my data, so I have to purchase this software. The software works great.

Susan Clark


I thought that this software is like the other software which says that they can easily recover the data, but at the time of practical implementation, they fails. Being a tech-savvy guy, I want to try this software also. So, I step forward myself towards the process of this software. I am surprised to see its output. It’s really astonishing. Thanks Stellar for introducing such a nice product for your users.



This software becomes so special for me as it had recovered my Marriage’s pics from my logically damaged hard drive. I was earlier not sure about the product, but, when I had used this software, I am capable of recovering the pictures with the help of a same. Thanks Stellar for making my day!!!



Does what exactly it says. Easily recovered all my data very easily. Impressive features.



Like its name, this software really works and recover in highly efficient and professional way. I found no difficulty in recovering entire partition data from my Seagate hard drive. The scanning engine is really fast which really impresses me and saves lots of my time.

Megan Conaway


It is well supported to my Windows XP PC.

Robert Miller


This is a trustful software which I can easily recommend to others. This software does what it says. Not, experienced all the features of this software yet, but, capable of recovering all my data with the help of it.



Excellent customer service. People are really helpful of this company.

Thomas Moore


The time for recovering the data has become reduced with the help of this software. Perfect software at worth price.

Joseph Clark


Perfection in professional glory. It's astonishing features makes it distinguished from the other data recovery software. Cheers!!!



One of the best feature which I found in the software is Pre-recovery preview of files. Certainly, for consumers like me, it was the best thing to saw all my lost files again. Overall a good performance!

Richard Clark


I want to recover my presentation folder which has been by mistakenly deleted by myself. I am trying to recover it with r*** software but was not able to recover it. So, I decided to give a chance to this software with the hope that it will work for me. And it’s my good luck to have this software for me to recover my data. I got all the presentation files under the Presentation Folder and that too with the proper file name.


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