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Maria Garcia


Thanks for this magical software which had easily recovered my data from a RAW hard drive.

Barbara Green


Slow in nature. The scanning speed of this software is not very impressive, or I can say, is very slow. Think twice before opting this software.

James Williams


Price range is really very high. No doubt, the product is very impressive, but, I think it should be somehow low.

Charles Taylor


Scan very very very slow. The speed of scanning is like a snail. Not impressive.

Karen William


Wasted 10 minutes of mine while recovering my data. It takes a lot of time to scan.



I Used Stellar Phoenix on the recommendation of my friend when I lost accidentally lost my data from a crashed hard drive. I went to Stellar website I download the software name Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Software(v 4.1). I used and I get my lost data. The speed to recover data and features is very decent to use.

Lisa Baker


Excellent software. Impressed with its process of recovering the data very easily.

Kenneth Garcia


Being a technical guy, I would like to appreciate this software for its output. But, one thing which makes it lag behind the other software is its old interface. No doubt, it’s easy to use, but the old interface will not make it attractive to work. I think you have to improve this issue.

James White


My drive which is full of my lovable pictures, videos, movies, etc. has suddenly become invisible for me. At the moment, I don’t understand what it happens. Then, I decided to recover it back with the help of a data recovery software. Luckily, I was aware of this software, so quickly, I had recovered all my stuff which has lost unknowingly from my system. Thanks Stellar.

Mark Anderson


Fake software. It says that it has a free version also. But, it can only recover upto 1 GB. Can’t trust this software. Disappointed.

Jason Hernandez


Glad to have this software in my life. I had recovered my 20 GB data from my 5 years old hard drive and that too without any tension. Its simple interface makes me crazy of running this software. Now, I am confident that if ever, I will lose my file or data, I’ll run this software and will easily recover it back. Thanks stellar!!!



Easily able to recover the partitions. Nice software.



The perfect tool for data recovery and partition recovery. I had used this software to recover the partition of my system as well as recover my data. Got impressive results. Thanks!



Quite attractive features. This software is really using a strong algorithm as written about it on the page. This can easily recover different file formats. Thanks Stellar.



Easily able to recover my deleted partition with the help of this amazing tool. Nice software.


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