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Jonathan Rivers


User-friendly interface. Easy to upgrade. Creates bootable copy of Macintosh HD. Uses fast algorithms to create disk image of a hard drive. Restore and Backup features are always helpful in securing the Mac data. Too much offering in this piece of the software.

Ronnie Petterson


Perform as advertised on official Stellar info site!! Great software

Edwin Scott


Using this software is a child's play. I have no issues cloning my Mac HD to a network drive.

George Correia


My disk was nearly dead due to large number of bad blocks on to its surface. Drive clone easily imaged it without scanning the bad blocks. This app particularly saved my 90% of the data from a drive about to die.

Steve Bills


Excellent Mac data backup tool, better than Carbon Copy Cloner

James Williams


Not just the drive clone software but the customer support is also great.

Lenny Anderson


It does backup but misses feature to perform incremental backup of files.

Casey Potts


I have a tip for Mac newbies. If you want to make your first back of the Mac then do it with Stellar Drive Clone application. It is much simpler to user and provides good number of option to clone Mac disk.



Very slow on my iMac

Jeffrey Barkley


Cost effective software for data backup purpose

Shane Lacroix


Just updated to OS X El Capitan from OS X 10.10.5 and restored all my Applications and 3rd party software from the external hard drive cloned through Stellar Drive Clone utility. Worth $39 backup tool.

Barry Mitchell


Best and reliable data backup alternatives than Time Machine and Super-duper software

Cruz Keller


Resizing the destination hard drive while cloning the Mac HD to an external media is so far available with this tool only.

Brian Stanton


Use this software, it helps you to resize a large destination external hard drive as per the data on source drive you are about to clone.

Jason Hill


This software can prevent tons of grief.


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