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Janice Beehler


I recieved error "please insert a disk into removable disk". Assuming that my SD card had been infected by virus, I ran the software. Surprisingly, the software recovered each and every photo.

Emanuel Shulman


THANK YOU!! I accidently formatted my 8gig SD card after taking pictures of my cat that was dying and was put to sleep the next day.These pictures were priceless. I tried another program via a demo and it found the pictures but they were partials. I found your company through a google search and installed your demo. Not only did your software find themall (97), They were perfect!! My wife and I were devistated by the loss of this pet, too lose the pictures would have been terrible. THANK YOU

Joan McKoy


I was surprised to view my lost files in demo version which I was unable to see in a different software. Highly recommended.

Ella Dwyer-Gray


Took a couple of restarts to recover all the files, but ultimately I was 100% successful.

Matilda Knatchbull


Impressed by its Scanning speed and its interactive GUI.

Murphy Baker


I have no further comments except thanking you for such a wonderful service. Change people's lives

Irene Giles


Far better than all the cumbersome programs widely spread over the internet.

Lori MacCain


It’s excellent to know that Stellar photo recovery software also supports digital card readers as well.

Diana Chappel


I like your product and your support!

Grace Foster


I liked the advanced settings option of the program. I could filter out my recovery needs, saving me a lot of time.

Evie Coward


The software amazed me when I found I could save my scan information and could resume it in future saving me a lot of time.

Rachel Boudreau


I did not find the interface too appealing yet I rate the software excellent w.r.t its recovery features.



i deleted my photos directly from outlook email before 3 years, Is there any option to recover. If yes mail me or contact me at +91 9886727700

Caitlyn Tripp


Kudos to the developer for developing such a awesome product. I got my videos from my corrupt camera memory card.

Sofia Boehm


Technically smart and logically efficient, the software recovered my files which were accidentally deleted from my recycle bin.


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