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Thx ! you saved my life !!!! :)



It didn't work for me and I got the response when I submitted the corrupt videos to you for repair.



I needed to recover corrupt videos. I pay $ 99 for repairing a video and it worked. Guides are so useful!!!



Tried repairing a corrupt WMV file with an online service but it asked me a price of 199 US dollars. Thanks to a quick Google glance, I got this product on my Windows 10 in just USD 69, and my WMV got restored successfully.



I work during weekdays and only have time to call on saturday or sunday. Weekend support is very helpful for me.



I am very impressed with your help desk. I had some issue, and they answered my queries very easily.

William Zajicek


I was searching for free .mp4 file repair software. I couldn't find a single file which can solve my need. At last, this software did justice to my problem

Earl Perez


I upgraded my Mac to new MacOS sierra, however the videos which were playing earlier were not playing properly after upgrade. Luckily, after using the repair software, the corrupt videos were able to play again!

Alana Ouellette


I was worried after facing error message "unable to read file". I tried to open my M4V files with different players but the files did not play well and it seemed broken at various intervals. This software came as a rescue and finally I was relieved!

Dana Adams


Stellar Phoenix Video Repair just repaired my broken MOV video files and that too without losing any video quality! Great work!

Eddie Liner


I repaired my MP4 file which wa sevely damaged, due to frequent interrupted power supplies!

James Crutchfield


Took a bit of restarts to finally run my repaired video. However, the wait and patience was worth it!

Roxana Smith


Video Of my 4GB SDHC memory card got corrupt suddenly. The video was playing very slow and had lots of interruption in between. I repaired the video through this software!



Your product worked, customer support service was fantastic. I will purchase other tools in the future as well.



Hey, I tried all the tips you mentioned in that VLC blog but unfortunately couldn’t repair my 1 GB MOV. To my surprise, your software fixed it conveniently. Many thanks, Stellar.


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