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Charlie Wilson


Stellar Phoenix Video repair saved my a** not once but twice. Earlier the MOV version helped me repair the sound issues that crippled over a half dozen of files. Later, a big MOV file corrupted when I restored it from a backup drive on my iMac. I updated my OS X hoping to repair it but all efforts in vain. I tried the MOV repair but it couldn’t complete the scan since the file was large. I came to know that the MOV repair was upgraded to support more video formats and could scan large files easily. This was true since the Video Repair version completed the scan, though it took time but finally repaired my MOV.



Very bad. i'm trainng many times but this is not solved my problems



I downloaded the demo version of the software. Then, using my Sony FDR-AX53 4K video camera, I shot about 10 seconds of video. I copied the video file to my computer, about 75MB in size. The video plays and is not corrupt. I then attempted to "repair" the video with your software. The resulting "repaired" file was not playable. If the software cannot handle a completely undamaged file, what chance is there that the software will repair my 76GB video file that is corrupt and in need of a quality video repair tool?



Never worked for me.



Not sure about the technology, but as long as it works I'm one happy customer. Keep up the good work; other users will follow suit soon enough

Orval Rodriguez


The software worked Very smoothly and effectively!

Melita Richards


I tried, but couldn't repair my corrupt .F4V files. My Corrupt Sd card was responsible for the corruption. Finally I used this software and it worked

Era Strader


Fixed up my severely corrupted .MOV file in just 3 simple steps

Nannie Bradley


I received great Customer Service and full support from them!



Least expensive video repair software as compared to its counter parts.



I captured a mp4 video clip but I was not able to play correctly and the video was distorted badly. However the software repaired it with finnese



I gave this software a shot on recommendation from one of my close family member. I needed to repair the slider movement damages on the MOV files. This was urgent since I needed to upload the files to the dropbox and share the same with a partner who lives in another city. Without giving a second thought, I registered this utility and most of the files that I needed to send were repaired though a couple of them couldn’t be fixed. However, I am impressed with this utility. It surely can save you in nick of time.



Left me very much impressed, highly recommended software for corrupt video repair



Seemed like a great program, but what they don't tell you is that the software works on a "what you see is what you can repair" basis. If you can't preview the file after clicking repair, the file cannot be repaired at all. I had a 7 gb file, so I thought I needed the full version so I could even click preview. I wish I would've know this before purchasing the full version........waste of time and money.

Lorretta Middleton


Excellent software to beat up the corruption on video files


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