While saving the repaired MySQL database to the destination server, if the software does not find a valid MySQL or detects a damaged MySQL installation, it may display the following error message.

If you are seeing this error during the save process, check the following:

  1. Make sure that the destination server has valid and working MySQL installation.
  2. If MySQL is installed and working, check all the MySQL services and ensure that the services are running. If you find a critical MySQL service that isn’t running, right-click on the server and choose ‘Start.’
  3. If the services do not start,
    1. Restart the server and check the services. Try to start/restart them again.
    2. If services are not starting even after the reboot and you still encounter the error message, back up the databases and re-install the MySQL server. After the re-installation, try saving the database again.

The issue should be resolved if you provide the correct user credentials having permission to make changes to the destination database or server.