This error is normally received while you are doing modifications to a MyISAM table and unexpectedly your MySQL server shuts down. Due to an unexpected power surge and closing of the application, the chances of database corruption increase. Other reasons that may cause MySQL database corruption are critical application errors, virus infection, operating system malfunction, hardware failures, etc.

To resolve the issue, you need to follow the below mentioned steps:


 First, try to start the MySQL client as an administrator and provide a password. 

  mysql-u Administrator-p

 Repair the corrupt table using the following command:

Use database_name
   REPAIR TABLE table_name:

  Run Exit command quit MYSQL client software. 

If the problem still persists, Stellar MySQL database recovery software. Stellar MySQL Recovery is a feature-packed utility that provides numerous advanced options to the users for effectively repairing corrupt MySQL databases. The competent utility can safely recover tables, relations, primary keys, constraints, etc.

Follow the procedure described below to repair any corrupt MySQL database:

  Run Stellar MySQL Recovery. The main interface of the software is displayed along with a dialog box.

  From the dialog box, you can choose either Repair corrupt database(s) stored at the default location or Manual selection of database(s) for recovery. If your system has MySQL application pre-installed, you can use the first option. You can also select the second option to manually select the database from a different location. Click OK.

  When you select the first option, a list of MySQL databases stored at the default location is displayed. Select the databases you need to repair and then click OK.

  The databases that you select are displayed in the left pane. Now, select the databases or any of their components for recovery and click Start Repair icon on the tool bar.

  A dialog box appears on your screen asking you the login information for the database. Provide the required information and click OK.

  After completion of the process, a dialog box is displayed showing the message: Repair process finished successfully.