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How to Repair Corrupt MOV, MP4, M4V, M4A and F4V files with Stellar Phoenix Video Repair?

Author : Creative Team Updated on February 9, 2016

There are various video file formats supported across different media players. MOV is yet another popular file format, used by Apple devices. One of the most popular media players is QuickTime, which uses the MOV file format. However, there are many other media players, which support MOV files. In addition, there are devices like CCTV and HD cameras that capture the video in MOV file format.

There are instances, when such file formats fails to open or become inaccessible. It could be due to a software failure, or any interruption while transferring the file. In addition, there are various other reasons like use of poor video editors or improper downloads that can make the MOV or any other video file corrupt. A corrupt or damaged MOV file fails to open in any media player including the QuickTime. However, there are ways using which such issues can be fixed. The best way is to use a professional software.

Stellar Phoenix Video Repair is an advanced software to repair corrupt or damaged video files from any storage media. The software supports repairing MOV, MP4, M4V, M4A, and F4V file formats due to header, format, duration, movement, and other kinds of corruption. You can use the below mentioned steps to repair corrupt or damaged video files like, MOV using this software.

1. Launch the ‘Stellar Phoenix Video Repair’ software and click ‘Repair Video’ button to add the video files to be repaired as shown below.


2.    Click on the [+] button on the ‘Video Repair’ screen.
3.    From the ‘Open File’ dialog box, select the video file to add to the list as shown below.

4.    Click on the [-] button to remove any added file from the list.
5.    Once you have added all the files, you can preview them one at a time by clicking on the ‘Preview’ button.
6.    In order to repair one or more files, select the files and click ‘Repair’ button on the bottom right of the interface as shown below.

7.    Once the repair is over, the repaired video files are listed in the ‘List of Video Files’.
8.    You can save one or more repaired file, by selecting the files and clicking on the ‘Save button’ on the bottom right of the screen as shown below


9.    After the software has saved the file, it displays a confirmation message about the completion of the process. In addition, it shows a link to the location of the saved files.


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John A MacDonald
June 19, 2014 12:17 pm

First use of MOV File Repair utility very disappointing. I cannot find ANY articles on this program in your support knowledge base.

Is there a maximum file size for the MOV files the program can repair? Please advise.

Amit Pandey
June 23, 2014 08:45 am

Hi John,

Sorry for the inconvenience.

We would be adding more articles on MOV file repair software. And, there is no size limit set in the software to repair corrupt file. Hope this helps. Do let us know for further query.

Norbert Marchadesch
October 21, 2014 12:11 pm

I cannot make the demo version work. My corrupted files are originally 5GB and with the XDCAM 422 codec. Does the video repair support this?

Amit Pandey
October 28, 2014 11:15 am

Hi Norbert,

Can you share your file with us so that we can test it at our end. We will arrange facility for sharing your file. Just need your permission to do so.

Do let us know!!

Piotr Przybyslawski
January 4, 2015 02:53 pm


I have purchased the program to recover my corrupted mp4 files saved by the gopro4 camera. the program did not work. I tried it on small ~ 100MB files. Please advise what I should do. I am happy to send the file over if that helps.

Many thanks,

Amit Pandey
January 5, 2015 06:49 am

Hi Piotr,

Yes, please send us the file so that is can be analysed and tested at our end. Please mail us at support[@] (remove '@' symbol)

Do let us know for further query.

Roberto Messa
May 20, 2015 10:09 am


I have purchased the program to recover my corrupted mp4 files saved by thenexus4. the program did not work. I tried it on 220Mb files.
Please advise what I should do. I am happy to send the file over if that helps.

Many thanks,

Amit Pandey
May 21, 2015 11:22 am

Hi Roberto,

Yes you can send us the file. We will test it at our end and will let you know.


Roberto Messa
May 22, 2015 01:08 pm

how can I send the file?

Amit Pandey
May 25, 2015 11:06 am

Hi Roberto,

Our Tech Support team will reach you and let you know the method to send your video file for repair.


James Wegg
August 1, 2015 03:04 pm

I am trying to repair a 22.19 GB . mov file. How long should I expect that to take?

Amit Pandey
August 4, 2015 09:32 am

Hi James,

For 22 GB .mov file it normally takes 2 to 3 hours depending upon the corruption level of that .mov file. If you feel that software is taking too long to repair, I advise to stop the process and run a new scan again.

Andrew Jehan
August 16, 2015 03:06 pm

When I click on 'Preview', a window opens with the file name and an icon, but no preview plays. What am I doing wrong? I want to preview before purchasing a license.

Amit Pandey
August 17, 2015 05:54 am

Hi Andrew,

In demo version of Stellar Phoenix Video Repair, the software will launch preview of files having size less than or up to 10 MB. Since your files size is greater than 10 MB it won't show you the preview.

Hope this helps!!

Andrew Jehan
August 17, 2015 06:57 pm

I don't have any corrupt files that are smaller than 10 MB. How can I know whether Stellar Phoenix Video Repair will work for me? I can't spend $100 on software that won't fix my files.

Amit Pandey
August 18, 2015 08:37 am

Hi again Andrew,

There are certain limitations in demo version of course and we fully understand your concern that is why we provide free service in case our software fails to repair your files after purchase.


Kenneth Schwartz
November 29, 2016 10:08 pm

I have tried to repair video files from a ContourII cam and it does not work at all - Is there a newer version than 1.0.1 which is on Apple Appstore?

Amit Pandey
November 30, 2016 08:12 am

Hi Kenneth,

Could you please let us know the file type you trying to repair? And yes, we have the newer version of the application which is Stellar Phoenix Video Repair 2.0. You can download this version from


Sumanth Culli
May 18, 2017 09:33 am

Whenever I'm trying to repair a video, I'm getting the following error.

Stellar Support
May 18, 2017 02:31 pm

Hi Sumanth,

We regret the inconvenience caused to you.

We request you to forward us the screenshot of the error message to We would be more than happy to help you from hereon.


Andre Kampka
July 8, 2017 05:46 pm

Hi there,
I have a corrupted MP4 file with the size of 5 GB. The "MediaInfo" says, that the file has a video bitrate of 50 GB, not 50 Mbit. So I can't open the file in any video tool or play it with vlc.
Now it is not possible to repair it with your demo and the preview is also not possible.
What happened, if the tool is not working for me? I don't want to pay so much money...
Kind regards


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