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How to Save Recovered Mails in MSG, EML, HTML, RTF & PDF Formats?

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The top Exchange database recovery tool, Stellar Repair for Exchange not only allows you to save the recovered emails in Outlook PST file format, but also in other popularly used file formats, such as MSG, EML, HTML, RTF, and PDF. There is a set of instructions that you need to follow to do so. Therefore, whenever you feel the need to save the recovered emails from Exchange Server mailboxes into these file formats, follow the steps that have been mentioned in the section below.

Steps to Save Recovered emails in MSG, EML, HTML, RTF, & PDF file format

Once you have run Stellar Repair for Exchange software after downloading and installing it, and have recovered the emails, execute following steps:

  1. From the Home menu, click on the Save tab.  
  2. The Save dialog appears.
  • Choose the format from multiple options: MSG, EML, HTML, RTF, and PDF.

  • Specify the destination location using the Browse tab. The Destination Path is the location where you wish to save the file on your system. Click on the OK tab. 

After employing the above two steps, you can save the recovered emails in any of the available file formats.

Well, with Stellar Repair for Exchange, you can also save the recovered mailboxes individually in either of the available file formats.

To save one mailbox at a time, you need to right-click on it and then follow the required steps.  

On doing so, the software gives the option as shown in the figure below.

  1. Choose Save as MSG option to save the recovered Exchange mailbox in MSG file format.
  2. Choose Save as EML option to save the restored mailbox of Exchange Server in EML file format.
  3. Choose Save as HTML to save the retrieved mailbox in HTML format.  (Note: Here, you cannot save the attachments, but their names do appear.)
  4. Choose Save as RTF to save the recovered mailbox in RTF format. (Note: Attachments cannot be saved, however, the names of the attachments are visible.) 
  5. Choose Save as PDF to save the recovered mailbox in PDF format. (Note: If saving in PDF file format, neither CC of the emails is shown nor the attachments can be saved. However, their names are evident.)

Note: You can also right-click on an email message to save it individually in all file formats except Outlook PST.

The process to save recovered emails in MSG, EML, HTML, RTF, and PDF file format with Stellar Repair for Exchange is not tough. However, you need to follow the steps correctly that have explained here. 


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