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How to Search and save mails after Recovery?

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Searching a particular mail is required when there are hundreds of mails present in the mailbox. To search for a particular mail by manually navigating through each and every mail is a time taking process. However, this inefficiency can be overcome by using the Stellar Repair for Exchange software.

Stellar Repair for Exchange software eases the task to search a particular mail item from the recovered file and save it in the desired format. The software allows you to search mail items on the basis of To, From, Cc, Subject, Body, Attachment Name, Importance, and Item Type fields. In order to further streamline the search results, you can choose any of the following preferences: Any Criteria, Exact Match, and Both.

  • You need to follow the below-mentioned steps, to search for particular mails from the recovered files and save them using this tool.
  • Run ‘Stellar Repair for Exchange’ software. 
  • From the ‘Select EDB’ dialog box, click ‘Open EDB’ to select the EDB file from a known location.
  • Click ‘Find EDB’ from the same dialog box, if you do not know the location of the EDB file.
  • Search for an EDB file by specifying the search parameters like drive, folder, or subfolder. Click ‘Start’ to start searching EDB files. Choose the EDB file you want to recover from the list of searched EDB files and click ‘OK’.
  • From the ‘Select Scan Mode’ dialog box, choose any of the given scan modes: Quick Scan and Extensive Scan.


  • Select ‘Quick Scan’ and click ‘OK’ to scan and recover corrupt EDB file quickly. Else, select ‘Extensive Scan’ and click ‘OK’ for a better result.
  • Once the scanning is complete, the software displays a list of recovered mails in the right pane of the interface as shown below.


  • In order to search for a particular mail, click on the ‘Search Criteria’ tab in the Preview window. Alternatively, you can go to the ‘File Menu’ and select ‘Search Message’ as shown below.



  • Specify the parameters on which you want to search for mails and then click ‘Search’.

Note: Only one EDB can be searched at a time.

  • In order to save the searched results, click ‘Save’ from the ‘File Menu’.
  • Select Save Search Results and click OK.
  • From the ‘Save Search Results’ section, select your preference, the required format, and destination to save the recovered files as shown below.

Alternatively, you can also select individual mail items and right-click to save them in any of the given formats. However, while saving an individual message, you cannot save them in PST format.


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