• Stellar Volume Repair

Stellar Volume Repair

Repair & Rebuilds corrupt Mac hard disk drive

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Professional Mac disk Repair software that repairs volume errors, rebuilds any damaged directory, and replaces the old directory with the new one to get your Mac backup and running. The software checks for errors in catalog file, multi-linked files, extents overflow file, journaled files, volume bitmap, and volume information.

  • Overhaul wide range of OS X disk errors
  • Rebuilds damaged volume directory
  • Repair disk permission on Mac
  • Option to roll back a volume to its previous state
  • User-friendly and robust Mac drive repair tool
  • Compatible with OS X Yosemite

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Key Features

Stellar Volume Repair software helps user fix number of HFS disk issues and create boot DVD to startup inaccessible Mac. Let us quickly walk through some of the salient features of this utility:

Repair Mac Volume Errors  icon

Repair Mac Volume Errors

The software is capable of correcting a range of volume errors (such as 'Invalid key length', 'Invalid index key') in Mac in order for resolving problems faced while opening, saving, or deleting files on a Mac OS X volume. Minor disk errors are repaired without having to rebuild the directory.

Rebuilds Volume Directory  icon

Rebuilds Volume Directory

If your directory is not updated regularly or is damaged, this repair tool tends to rebuild the entire volume directory and replaces the damaged directory with the newly created one. The tool helps to mount a severely corrupt Mac volume and make all your seemingly lost data accessible.

'Rollback' Option in Preferences  icon

'Rollback' Option in Preferences

The software ensures that your volume is repaired in almost every case of OS X directory corruption. If a volume is severely damaged and it fails to repair, this OS X drive repair tool allows you to roll back the volume to its previous state. You can enable 'Rollback' property by setting preferences in the software.

Creates Bootable DVD  icon

Creates Bootable DVD

If you need to repair the startup disk of your Mac, the software gives you choice to create a bootable DVD. You can boot your system from this disc and fix your boot volume. If your Mac is unbootable, you can create bootable DVD on another system with similar configuration and then boot your Mac through this disc to rebuild the corrupt volume directory.

Repair Mac Disk Permissions icon

Repair Mac Disk Permissions

The software can be used to verify & repair permissions on all bootable volumes in your system that contains any OS X. This helps you to easily identify and address issues with various Apple-originated files and folders stored on the boot volume of your Mac.

Easy-to-Use and Interactive Interface icon

Easy-to-Use and Interactive Interface

This repair utility provides a handful of options to make the overall process easy, fast, and convenient for the users. You can set preferences in the software for update and rollback options. The interface of the tool is designed to give you the look and feel of Mac OS.

Repair External Hard Drive Mac icon

Repair External Hard Drive Mac

This disk repair software for Mac rebuilds corrupt directory structure of HFS and FAT formatted external hard drives. Connect your external drive to Mac and repair cryptic disk errors such as Invalid B tree node. This software also repairs corrupt external solid state drives.




The 'Demo' version of the software enables you to create a bootable DVD and scan Mac OS X volumes to find out if a repair is needed. To repair and rebuild the corrupt volume directory, you need to purchase the software.


Directory corruption is typically manifested by various error messages. A few are given below:

‘Invalid key length’

‘Invalid index key’

‘Invalid leaf record count’

Other signs include issues while opening, saving, or deleting file on the volume. In other cases, your Mac will refuse to boot up.


Yes, routine usage of the software may help you resolve any minor volume corruption early before it turns into a major problem.


First of all, create a bootable DVD using the tool on another system that has a similar hardware configuration as your Mac and then use this bootable disc to boot your troubled Mac and rebuild the corrupt directory of your system.


Yes, you can run Stellar Volume Repair to fix an external hard drive, which is HFS or FAT formatted. It won't repair a disk formatted with NTFS. It also repairs Apple formatted solid-state drives.


Do not panic and start Mac disk repair with Stellar Volume Optimizer. You can repair the corrupt partition and rebuilds it damaged directory strucutre. If your startup volume is corrupt then you need to first create a bootable DVD with the Volume Repair software and then perform hard drive repair.


No, it doesn’t support repairing of RAID drives.


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