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Stellar File Wipe

Efficiently wipes all sensitive, critical information present on your Windows based drives

Stellar File Wipe entirely removes all the data in your hard drive, individual folders and files with the application of advanced wiping algorithms. This is the best tool to sanitize your Windows-based PC and laptop before selling or disposing them off.

  • Permanently deletes data from hard drives and other storage media
  • Wipes application traces
  • Wipes unused spaces left on the hard drive
  • Wipes all Internet activity traces and temporary Internet files
  • Maintains a wipe list for removing data from selected files and folders
  • Schedules automatic wiping process on particular date and time
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Stellar File Wipe removes every bit of the data in your Windows OS - based hard drives and the internal folders and files beyond the scope of recovery by any software. Mentioned below are some salient features of this tool.

Delete Files Permanently icon

Delete Files Permanently

The conventional methods of file deletion used in Windows usually remove only a reference to the file, leaving all the data of that file on the disk intact, which can be easily recoverable by tools. Stellar File Wipe permanently removes all files and folders on the selected drive to eliminate the chances of a possible data security leak. This is the best tool for data sanitization while selling, donating, or disposing your IT asset.

Wipes Unused and Slack Space icon

Wipes Unused and Slack Space

The unused spaces generated by deleting files and folders are potential data theft points as it’s contain information about the data existed earlier. The tool uses powerful overwriting algorithms to replace meaningful information with meaningless garbage data that helps to remove all the traces of previously existing files in your system.

Wipes System Traces icon

Wipes System Traces

The file eraser software irrevocably wipes all the records of your system traces, such as data saved in recycle bin, user data, memory dumps, recently used documents, windows event logs, past items from the notification area, temporary program applications. Wiping system traces regularly, not only ensures privacy of your data, but it also improves system performance significantly.

Wipes Internet Activities icon

Wipes Internet Activities

We leave enormous data while we are active over the Internet. Typing a URL in the address bar, filling in online forms, entering usernames and passwords, and the text that we enter in different search engines; every activity leaves a trace that gets recorded and can be tracked or retrieved. This again, triggers potential data security concerns and threat to your online identity. Stellar File Wipe permanently wipes all the traces of your Internet activities, including the temporary files and leftovers from your Windows PC or laptop. All popularly used web browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Firefox Mozilla are supported by the tool.

Wipe Now Option icon

Wipe Now Option

The File Wipe software allows you to select files, folders, or entire drives for wiping. The 'Wipe Now' feature is helpful to quickly wipe a selected drive or specific files and folders present on that drive. The 'Wipe Now' module uses the 'Zeroes' wiping algorithm for this module.

Creates and Maintains Wipe Lists icon

Creates and Maintains Wipe Lists

You can create and manage 'Wipe lists' containing a group of files and folders to be wiped quiet often. You can create a list of such files and folders and save this list for future reference. You can choose from the saved lists and use the software to wipe them at any convenient time.

Option to Set Wipe schedules icon

Option to Set Wipe schedules

You can use the data eraser software to schedule the wiping process for a later point in time. You need to specify the wiping tasks to remove unused space, system traces, or Internet activities and set the frequency and time to run the wiping software. In the Frequency frame of Schedule option, you can set the frequency to be Once, Every Day, Every Week, Every Month, or First boot of the Day. Similarly, you can select the ‘Start Date’ and ‘Start Time’ of application.

Supports Range of Wipe Algorithms icon

Supports Range of Wipe Algorithms

The file eraser software uses a variety of advanced and standard algorithms to perform the wiping task. Either you can select algorithms in the Disk Settings (Unused Space) and File Settings to wipe unused space or in 'File Settings' for wiping System traces, Application traces, and Internet activities. The tool employs standard wiping algorithms, such as Zeroes, Pseudo-Random, B.Schneier's algorithm (7 passes), Russian Standard – GOST, German Standard, VSITR (7 passes), Peter Gutmann, (35 passes), DoD 5220.22 - M (3 passes), DoD 5200.28 – STD (7 passes), US Army AR 380-19 (3 passes), US Air Force, AFSSI 5020, and more.

Support & Compatibility icon

Support & Compatibility

Stellar File Wipe offers wide compatibility with the latest to the legacy Windows operating systems.

Windows OS - Windows 8 / 7 / Vista / 2003 / 2000 / XP

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* The Free Demo download of Stellar File Wipe removes unused spaces up to 10GB, wipes application and system traces. You can create wipe list and use wipe now option for files up to 64 KB. Please note that the free demo version is for evaluation purpose and the features are available for 15 days only.


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  • I want to erase the unused space of the boot partition of my Windows system. Would you recommend doing that?

    Yes, it is absolutely safe to wipe the unused space in the boot partition to enhance the system performance. As almost all the applications are installed in the boot partition, you should wipe the unused space to ensure optimized performance.

  • I want to wipe a Partition, how can I do that?

    To select the particular algorithm, the following steps are required:

    Run Stellar File Wipe

    Click the 'Settings' tab

    Click the 'Set Algorithm For Wipe' tab. There are two options available - 'Disk Settings' and 'File Settings’

    From the algorithms list, select the algorithm that you want to choose.

    All of the listed wipe algorithms are very efficient algorithms with varying capabilities. You can use any of these algorithms according to your needs.

  • I want to define two wipe operations for a single day like 9.00 am and 3.30 pm. Is it possible to have such timings?

    No, currently there is no such feature in the application.

  • Which system traces properties are wiped by this software?

    This system traces properties that will be wiped by the software are listed here:

    Recycle Bin

    User Data

    Memory Dumps

    RSS Feed Cache

    Windows Defender


    Windows Error Report

    Map Network Drive MRU

    Recently used documents

    Windows Events Logs

    Windows User Assist MRUs

    Window swap/paging files

    Windows Update Information

    Windows XP CD Burning folder

    Windows XP Unread Mail Count

    Find File Dialog Box Entries

    Windows Explorer Streams MRUs

    Registry Editor last opened key

    DirectX Most Recent Applications

    Find Computer Dialog Box Entries

    Past items from the notification area

    Saved Searched Folders from Windows Vista

    List of Most Recently used files and folders

    List of programs from Start Menu->Run cmd

    Microsoft Management Console Recent file list

    Temporary files created by program applications

    Start Menu Programs and Favorites menu order

    Custom locations from the picture location drop-down box

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