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[Fixed] Access Error 2105: You can’t go to the Specified Record

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    Summary: You may get the error 2105 - You can’t go to the specified record, when using the VBA code to access records from an Access database file. It usually appears when Access fails to find the specified record. This blog explains ways to fix the error 2105 in MS Access. It also mentions an Access Repair software that can help fix the issue if it has occurred due to corruption in the database file.

    You may encounter the error 2105 – You can’t go to the specified record while creating, opening, or extracting records in the Access database using the VBA code. This error usually appears when using the GoToRecord method. The complete error appears as below:

    Run Time Error 2105 You can't go to the specified record

    There can be several reasons behind the runtime error 2105: You can’t go to the specified records. Let’s go through the reasons and see how to resolve this MS Access error.  

    What causes the MS Access Error 2105 – You can’t go to the Specified Record?

    The Access error 2105 may occur when:

    • You try to access the record that has been deleted or does not exist.
    • The database is corrupted.
    • The primary key value of the record set has been changed or deleted.
    • There are issues with the AllowAdditions property on the form.
    • The record gets damaged.
    • The record source property is invalid.
    • You have mistakenly set a filter or sort to the form or report.

    Methods to Fix MS Access Error 2105 – You can’t go to the Specified Record

    Sometimes, the error 2105 can occur when you try to access the record using an invalid primary key. So, verify the primary key value of the record you are trying to fetch and change the key to unique or delete the existing one. Also, you can check non-existing records using the lookup table or error-handling tools. If the error persists, then follow the below methods:

    1. Check and Change the ‘Record Source’ Property

    The Record Source property contains the source data for the form or reports of the Access database. If you set this property incorrectly, the Access database would fail to locate the record you are accessing. As a result, you can get the error “You can’t go to the specified record.” To fix this, you need to verify that the record source property is pointing to the right table or query. For this, follow these steps:

    • Open the form in the design view.
    • In the Property Sheet window, click on the Data tab.
    Click On Data In Property Window
    • Click on the dropdown corresponding to Record Source and check whether it is set to the correct table. If it is incorrect, then change it.

    2. Verify the AllowAdditions Property

    Sometimes, Access may fail to locate the records if there is an issue with the AllowAdditions property. This property is used to control whether users can add new records to the form or sub-form. If the property is set to ‘No’, it prevents you to add new records to the form. When you try to add records, you can get the error 2105. To fix the issue, you can verify and change the AllowAdditions property by following these steps:

    • Open the database in design view.
    • The Property Sheet is displayed on the right side of the design view window.
    Open Property Sheet In Design View
    • In the Property Sheet section, click on the Format tab.
    • Scroll down to find the Allow Additions property and change it to Yes.
    Go To Format In Propery Sheet

    Check if you are now able to add records in the form. If not, then follow the next fix.

    3. Verify the ‘Allow Filters’ Settings

    You may encounter the “error 2105 – You can’t go to the Specified Record” due to incorrect ‘Allow Filters’ property settings. In Access, the filtering feature is used to filter the records you need to display in your Access database. To check whether this setting is preventing Access to locate the records you are modifying, follow these steps:

    • Open the database in design view.
    • Go to the Property Sheet and then click on the Data tab.
    • In the Data tab, check whether the ‘Allow Filters’ option is set to Yes.
    Select Allow filters Option
    • If not, then change it.

    What If None of the Above Solutions Works?

    If the above methods fail to work, it means there is corruption in the Access database. In this case, you can repair the database using the Microsoft Access’ built-in tool – Compact and Repair. Here’s how you to use it:

    • Open your Access database.
    • Click Info > Compact & Repair Database.
    Click On Compact And Repair Option

    The Compact and Repair tool may fail to work if the corruption level in the database is too high. In such a situation, you can use a third-party Access repair tool, such as Stellar Repair for Access. The software is designed to fix various errors caused by corrupt Access database files. You can download the free trial version of the software to scan the corrupt Access database (.accdb/.mdb) file and preview the recoverable objects. You can install the tool on Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, or 7 systems.


    The methods outlined in this post can help you fix the Access error 2105. Sometimes, the error can occur due to corrupted records in the database. In that case, you can repair the database using the “Compact and Repair” tool. If this doesn’t work, use a professional Access repair tool, such as Stellar Repair for Access to repair the database. It recovers all the objects from the corrupted database, including macros, records, tables, etc. Also, the tool is compatible with all versions of MS Access.

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