Windows 10 Update Causing User File Deletion

Summary: In this blog, we will discuss the issues caused by Windows 10 Latest Update 1903. This update has not only broken a key security feature in Google Chrome, Microsoft, and Opera but has been also deleting critical user files. The update is leading users to experience severe security breaches and data loss situations. We have also identified the best Windows Data Recovery software to recover your data lost after installing the new Windows 10 update 1903.

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Microsoft releases various security patches for Windows regularly to enhance user experience and safety. Recently, it released a Windows 10 Update 1903, which was intended to deliver a new set of features and improvements. It was meant to fix common bugs related to File Explorer search, CPU spikes, etc. But on the contrary, it has turned out to be more problematic than problem-solving. While downloading this update on Windows, several users are experiencing unintentional file deletion. The update has also managed to break a key security feature –Sandbox, found in all Chromium-based browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Opera.

Bugs associated with this update are putting users’ browsing history at risk, leading to potential privacy and security breaches and other data loss situations.

Read on to know various problems that users are encountering with this update and how can you restore your data, if you are also experiencing sudden file deletion.

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Major Bugs Associated with Windows 10 Update 1903

Several users are encountering issues after installing Windows 10 Update 1903. The update is making Google chrome and other browsers crash unexpectedly. It is also tampering with Chrome’s critical security feature-Chromium Sandbox, which enables users to run apps and browser extensions safely in a virtual environment. It means that even if the user downloads any app or software, containing malware, it will remain in the Sandbox and will not infect your Operating System. But, now some users are reporting that Sandbox is not working effectively as their files are getting deleted and Chrome is crashing repeatedly after installing this update.

Error 1: Breaking Chrome’s Key Security Feature – Sandbox

Earlier, several incidents were reported by users, related to Windows 10 Updates, which only impacted various applications in Windows. However, with Windows 10 Update 1903, other developers’ software and apps are also getting affected.

Google also listed a series of issues in Chrome arising due to the installation of this latest update. Further, Chrome is not the only browser experiencing these issues. Other Chromium-based browsers including Opera, Brave, and Microsoft’s new Edge are also facing similar concerns.

In a nutshell, this update is stopping Chromium Sandbox to function properly and leaving your Windows PC vulnerable to downloads from Chrome and other browsers.

Error 2: File Deletion after Installing Windows 10 Update 1903

Worst of all, this update is also deleting files from the users’ Windows PCs. Many users are reporting unintentional file deletion after installing this update.

I am FREAKING OUT! I have an ASUS ALL IN ONE with windows 10. I received a notification regarding the update and I followed in order to not lose any system support. After updating to windows 10 1903, I found that EVERYTHING was erased on my computer. My pictures, important papers, files, and folders… I can’t even open my emails. This is a disaster! Someone, PLEASE HELP! How do I get my data back? And how do I roll back this update?

-Microsoft User

Your system and data are at risk after installing Windows 10 Latest Update! What to do?

It is evident by now this update is breaking Chromium-based browsers’ critical security features. It means that if you download any application/software or extension (containing malware/virus or other security threat) from Chrome, Opera, Brave or other browsers, the virus may creep into your PC and lead to system malfunction, corruption, or data loss.

What to do if your system or its data become inaccessible? There is a way out of this mess. You can try an efficient data recovery tool- Stellar Data Recovery Professional– to recover your data in no time.

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One of the most easy-to-use yet powerful data recovery tools- Stellar Data Recovery Professional can easily recover lost or deleted data from Windows PC or storage media.

This DIY software is capable of retrieving data lost due to unexpected Windows Update error, browser crashes, system shutdown, file corruption, virus attack, etc. It not only lets you restore files lost due to Windows update errors but also allows you to restore data lost due to accidental deletion, partition loss, or hard drive corruption.

You just have to download and install this software in your PC, scan the drive or folder from which you lost your files and other data, and save the recovered files to an external storage media.

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Wrapping Up

The new Windows 10 Update 1903 is clearly causing a lot of trouble for users. A patch (Windows 10 KB4549951) is, in fact, available to fix Sandbox issues, but it has been noticed that this patch is causing equally serious problems for users. Microsoft is expected to make some fundamental changes to Windows 10 updates to fix these bugs and errors, but for the time being, users need to exercise caution while installing any Windows 10 update. Make sure you back-up your files at regular intervals to protect them from inadvertent data loss, malware attack, or security breaches. And if despite all precautions, you end up losing your precious data due to a Windows update or any other error, use Professional Windows Data Recovery software to get your files back.  

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