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Difference between Deep Scan and Search File Option features of this software?

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These three features of the software are entirely different from one another with respect to functionality. Let us have a closer look at each one of them:

 Deep Scan: 'Deep Scan' is a type of scan that possibly looks through each sector of the storage media to find traces of lost or deleted files. This type of precision scanning always ends up yielding accurate results. Deep Scan usually runs slower than other scans, since scanning involves checking each sector rigorously.
 Search File: The 'Search File' option provides you a set of parameters based on which you can search for the desired files in your scan results. You can search files by name, signature. The feature is definite advantage for those who need to save time by recovering only some selected files.


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it would be nice to have some helpful efficiency tips for what i imagine are most users where the program seems to work but is very slow, and could be made quicker if more selective recoveries were set up.



or perhaps a pause button that allowed you to go back and reselect your recovery files. At this rate recovery of photos will take 3 or so days, much of which i dont really need to recover. Then i will have to go back and spend more time recovering music and other files.



Hi Nick,

Thanks for Choosing Stellar and for the suggestions you had given here.
Nick, We are making software to keep in mind that what exactly the users want & how can they use the software in best possible way.

Stellar Windows Data Recovery is the most basic software under Windows OS Category. This software is made for the users who have no or very less technical knowledge, though technical people also use it for sure. That is why we don't have any selective or advance option inbuilt into the software. You can check higher version of the same software i.e. Stellar Windows Data Recovery Professional for more advanced features including selective option.

Please feel free to ask anything...



Amit Pandey

Morning, quick question, My HDD had Vista on, the HDD has now been wiped clean and had windows 10 installed, is there a way to get my documents back.



Hi Gavin,

Have you used any Data Wiping software to wipe your hard drive? Or you have simply format your system?

See in case of using data wiping software, chances of data recovery are very low. Yes, if you have just formatted your system then you can recover your all data using Stellar Windows Data Recovery Software – Professional Version.

I recommend you to install Stellar Windows Data Recovery Software – Professional trial version in your system and see if you are able to preview of your deleted data. If software shows your deleted data, you can purchase the software to save it.

Please let me know your progress.



Amit Pandey

I'd like an option to find only .XLS files trough deep scan, it's the file I want to recover but using the deep scan option it's "overkill", restoring many unwanted files


john jairo




Please let us know the exact name of stellar software which you are using.

Further under "Advance Setting" option in software, you may go in file list and unchecked all formats except .xls and then start scanning by our software.

You may submit ticket using below link for getting further assistance from our experts:


Stellar Data Recovery


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Stellar Data Recovery Stellar Data Recovery is an easy to use Windows recovery software to get back lost documents, emails, photos, videos & many more from HDD, USB, Memory Card etc.

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