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How to find the desired files from scan results using 'Find' option of this software?

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Stellar Data Recovery allows you to search for specific files after scanning the selected storage media and listing all recoverable files in a tree. With 'Find Now' option, you do not require wandering around the list of scanned items for searching the desired files to be recovered.

To find specific files in the scan results, use the given procedure:

 After the drive scan is finished, you will see a 'Search File' box at the top-right of the interface screen.

 Type in a part of the file name, or complete file name, or the file type in this box. For specifying multiple entries, use semicolons. Click 'Find Now' button next to the 'Search File' box.

 The first file that satisfies the criteria is shown as highlighted in the file list. You can either click 'Find Now' button again or hit 'F3' on your keyboard to navigate to the next file that meets the criteria. 


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July 9, 2017 11:35 pm

How would I come to know that my file has been scanned successfully

Punit Sharma
July 10, 2017 08:43 am

Once you complete the scan the software will display the scan is successfully completed.

Please let us know the order number of the purchase if you have already purchased the software.

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