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I attached my external hard drive for recovery but couldn't be able to locate it in the program. Why?

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Stellar Data Recovery will display all drives that your Windows OS can recognize. The source of problem could be a damaged power or data cable or the external drive itself. You can follow a few troubleshooting steps to fix not detecting hard drive issue:

  • Verify the Power and Data Cables: You should verify that the power cable is properly connected to the external drive . If you have used an extension cord to connect the power adapter, make sure the connection is working fine. Also, check your data cable connections on both sides. If the problem persists, try connecting with different cables.
  • Verify the Drive in Disk Management: Sometimes, a drive is not seen in 'My Computer', but it shows up in Disk Management along with the problem listed on it. If the partition format is listed as 'RAW' or the drive shows as 'Unallocated', this implies that the drive partition is corrupt. To work around this issue, you can recreate the corrupt partition in Disk Management.
  • It may happen that the drive letter assigned to this drive is used by some other device. To correct this, you need to manually assign the drive letter in Disk Management.


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Does Stellar Data Recovery support Raw recoveries?

Terry Mitchell



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Stellar Support

I am deep scanning a passport drive but no files are showing after more than 15 hours. It is 12% scanned so far. Might this indicate that the data is not recoverable. There is a bout 350GB of data on a 1TByt drive.

sue brown

Stellar Data Recovery


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Stellar Data Recovery

stellar data recovery returned to stage 4 after finish scanning 4, stopped scanning new filesd, showing about 900 hours needed and cut off all access to the recovering hard drive


Abdul Majid

Dear Jay,

We regret the inconvenience caused to you.

We would like to analyze the details and provide you the possible solution. Please write to our support team on to assist you further.

Does Stellar Data Recovery support RAW recoveries? I connected my "bad hard drive" to my computer and started your programm. After the 3rd try and a deep scan of more than 24h later it shown me, that they found nothing to retrieve... now I'm very upset about it... because all I wanted was a program, which find all those data on my "RAW" drive so that I can save this data anywhere else...
I didn't find anything I could change in the settings to help me with my problem... so... can your program resolve my problem?


Abdul Majid

Dear Nana,

Software do support the recovery from RAW drive. Kindly use Can't Find Drive option to scan for the lost partition. Once you get the desired partition than please proceed with the scan to check the possibility of recovery.


My 2TB external drive looks like it corrupted and flipped to a RAW format from NTFS when my computer crashed last night.

This drive has EVERYTHING on it. Work, records, videos, photos. All of my shit going back 25 years!

Is there any way I can reformat it to NTFS without losing my data?

Will Stellar do it?



Dear Richard,

Unfortunately, we do not have any application to change the file system of the drive. However, you may use our application to recover the files first then format the drive.

In case you have any further queries then please write to our support team on to assist you further.

Stellar Data Recovery


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Stellar Data Recovery Stellar Data Recovery is an easy to use Windows recovery software to get back lost documents, emails, photos, videos & many more from HDD, USB, Memory Card etc.

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